The Sparkle Box Review and Giveaway

Don’t you love it when you find something that fits perfectly? It always brings a smile to my face. I especially love being surprised by a perfect find, that’s even better. I know it’s going to sound contrived but that’s how it went with The Sparkle Box. I knew it looked like it would be good, but then I read it and it was perfect. Let me explain. The Sparkle Box The Sparkle Box by Jill Hardie is a book about a family and their little boy, Sam. Sam is eager for Christmas and he’s curious about a mysterious box

A Simple Advent 2012

Every year we celebrate Advent, but every year is a little different. Once again I find the need to scale back and celebrate simply. With a move on the immediate horizon, we’ve decided not to pull out all of our Christmas decor and paraphernalia, and we’ve decided to scale back our activities as well. But we ARE celebrating Advent. Celebrating isn’t about the stuff, and I THINK.. I could even do it without a Christmas tree. ;0) Not that I want to try that. Yet. Our Simple Plan: Christmas Tree – We’ve decided to pull down ONLY our tree this

The Gift of Love, See the Light Shine Art DVD Review

The Gift of Love by See the Light Shine We like to draw, doodle, and paint here at our house. We also like to use materials that are biblically based. And we like to incorporate holiday studies and crafts into our school day. So as we’re heading into Advent season and looking for ways to dwell upon The Reason for the season even during the school day, “The Gift of Love” by See the Light Shine certainly seems to fit the bill, doesn’t it? They let me have a copy to test it out and see for myself. And our

Our Advent Journey Begins – “Destination: Bethlehem” Review

Our Advent Begins! Advent officially begins December 2nd, but since we like to make our own rules we began our Advent readings early. When we got our copy of “Destination: Bethlehem” in the mail we didn’t want to wait–so we dove right in! The kids snuggled up with me and we took off on an interesting trip through ancient Palestine. Destination: Bethlehem Destination: Bethlehem is a wonderful little Advent story written by mother/daughter team Sharon Altman and Christine Winkelman. It’s actually a two-part story about two separate boys who travel through ancient Palestine on a journey that ends in the

St. Patrick’s Day Resources

The year is just FLYING by! St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I used to be so much more “on the ball’ when it came to holidays and birthdays and such. Something about having more kids and homeschooling them has sucked that out of me. Do you know, I didn’t really know the story behind St. Patrick’s Day until a few years ago? Sad, huh? Well now I find it quite interesting. You can either read this interesting article about the Real Saint Patrick, or you can watch this

ABC’s of Homeschooling ~ Holidays & Imagination

Yes, I have holidays on the brain! (Who doesn’t??) It seems like Thanksgiving was only a couple of days ago and Christmas is only a few days away! Check out our Thankful Tree on our school bulletin board. Over the next couple of days we’ll be re-doing it for Christmas and Advent. We’re a week into Advent now, (a month long intentional celebration of the coming of Christ, first as a babe, and soon to return again.) Of course, holidays aren’t homeschool specific. Everyone celebrates holidays. But there are some ways that holidays creep into our lessons and influence our