Free Valentine’s Day Resources Round-Up

Valentine’s Day is near! For holidays, I find I either plan ahead WAY in advance or procrastinate until the last minute. There is no middle ground. You? How about a little round-up to help us out? 10 Free Valentine’s Day Resources Valentine’s Day Resources for Homeschoolers History of Valentine’s Day & Free Printables Unity Study, Pre-k – 5th Grade at Free Homeschool Deals – a free unit study and many links to other sources as well.   “The Complete Valentine’s Day Checklist” from the Classic Housewife Archives – history of Valentine’s Day, books to read, recipes to make, places to find lessons,

10 Free Thanksgiving Resources

NOVEMBER ALREADY?? Goodness, it’s going to be Thanksgiving before we know it! With that in mind, I thought a Thanksgiving themed Ten on Tuesday list would be appropriate. =) How about ten free Thanksgiving resources? Actually, a few of these are lists so there’s a lot more than ten! These cover a variety of subject areas and age groups so have fun digging in! Also, don’t forget I have a great big “Free & Frugal Thanksgiving Resource” list myself. Ten Free Thanksgiving Resources 1.) 50 Free Fall Printables for Kids From Look We’re Learning, this isn’t solely Thanksgiving related but

12 Days of Easter Wrap-Up

I had intended that I’d write every day (or almost) of the 12 Days of Easter this year. I got off to a really great start, writing ahead of time and planning and scheduling. But then life happened, which it often does, and that’s okay. The kids and I had a really busy holiday week last week. We held a Tenebrae service at our church on Thursday evening. Good Friday was spent at Rock the Flags (a Christian band concert at Six Flags Arlington) with the youth group. And we had a really great Easter Sunday. Rising with the sun,

12 Days of Easter: Art Projects

If it’s a holiday of any kind then art projects inevitably abound in our house. (It’s the easiest thing to do, that’s why.) There are so many possibilities! Easter art projects we’ve done so far this year: Completed the three art lessons on The Crossmaker DVD from See the Light Experimented with chalk pastels while drawing Easter Lilies. Watercolor painted Easter scenes Today in church the kids made palm leaves out of construction paper – totally getting added to our bulletin board Last week the kids and I also started this watercolor lesson from the See the Light Blog. We’ll

12 Days of Easter ~ Books for Easter

We like to collect holiday related books. So far we have St. Patrick, Easter, Thanksgiving, Fall, Christmas, Advent, and even a Hannukah book! We’re still building our library. (We might finish about the time we don’t need them anymore.) ;0) I really enjoy finding great books that share the history or the reason for holidays, and usually the kids are quite content and amiable to sitting and listening to a children’s story. Then we get to have a good discussion about the symbolism behind the story and what it means. I’m not original, I know, I didn’t create the “teach

12 Days of Easter ~ Resurrection Garden

Today isn’t only the first day of Spring (*cheer!!*) but this year it also marks our 12 day countdown to Easter morning. Sort of like Advent for Easter, the kids and I will do a different activity, project, or story each day as we prepare our hearts for Easter morning. Since today is the first day of Spring, and Spring is associated with “new life,” and new life is basically what we are celebrating for Easter (Jesus’ new life, and our new life in Christ,) today lets celebrate new life and new beginnings. Today the kids and I will begin