A Super Gift Guide for Marvel Fans

Where are my fellow Marvel fans? Marvel heroes are one of our geeky fandoms here. So it only seems fitting to draft up a SUPER gift guide for Marvel fans. We like to watch the Avengers movies, the X-Men, and Spider-Man, too. We watch The Flash and Arrow on tv, too (which I know are D.C. and not Marvel–we like them both.) And while I’m not particular to any one character, my 16 year old is a huge Iron Man fan. We are definitely Team Stark! If you’ve got a Marvel fan in your house, too, I’ve pulled together a

Study and Devotional Resources for Christmas and Advent

Thanksgiving is barely gone and my mind is turning toward Christmas and Advent! It doesn’t help that we’ve been practicing Christmas songs in the community choir since September, or that my daughter has been practicing Christmas music on violin since the beginning of the semester. With the first chilly temps finally making their appearance here in Texas, and the first Christmas gifts already purchased, I’m ready to deck the halls and sing Silent Night. In fact, Advent has already technically begun (Sunday) and once again, the focus on Thanksgiving distracted me and let Advent totally sneak up on me! So at the moment,

Doctor Who Gifts – The List is Bigger On the Inside

  If you’re looking for Doctor Who gifts for a fan in your life, then let me tell you.. YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. After spending hours and hours compiling what is possibly the biggest list of Doctor Who gifts EVER,.. I feel pretty confident that there is something here for ANY Doctor Who fan in your life. Really, really. Because this list has TWO HUNDRED AND THREE GIFTS. TWO HUNDRED. AND THREE. In fact, if you know me or my girls in real life, then look no further to find a gift for one of us– for

Thanksgiving Activities for Middle Schoolers

  It can be difficult to find good resources and activities for middle schoolers. It’s easier for preschool, kindergarten. . . everything up through third or fourth grade.  But you start getting in to those middle years and it does become more of a challenge. Why do you think that is? Thanksgiving Activities for Middle Schoolers I’ve noticed that “Middle School” has a wide variety of interpretations for different people–usually based on our own public school experience. My first year of middle school was 5th grade, but for many it’s 7th-8th grade. Some people I’ve met were in middle school from

Homeschool Leap Year Study

Homeschool Leap Year Study Just a quick post to ask: “Why do we have a leap year? How does it work?” Of course *I* know the answer, but what about our kids? I googled and found a few quick resources for a leap year study. (No, seriously, these are pretty quick, and this might possibly be my shortest blog post ever.) 😉 Youtube Videos About Leap Year I love YouTube videos for this sort of thing! Here are two. You can take your pick. =) Books On Leap Day Search your local library for books about the Leap Year. Here are

President’s Day Unit Study Resources

Planning a President’s Day unit study? Or maybe you don’t need a full-fledged unit study, you just want to take a little peek into this holiday. There are so many great resources online, if you do a little bit of digging. But hey, I’ve done some digging for you. =) There are more resources here than what you could use in one day. What we have here are options. I like OPTIONS. (It’s like a staple for me.) Lucky for you, President’s Day comes around every year, so you can come back and do something different next year. =) President’s Day