Using Heirloom Audio Adventures For Read Aloud Time

*The following is an Heirloom Audio Adventures review–a new product we are trying out for the fall semester of 2016.*  This past spring, our homeschool got stuck in a rut. It was a boring, no frills, minimalistic rut caused by an over-scheduling of *stuff* and an under-scheduling of quality learning. While we took our out-of-character-for-us Summer Break, the kids and I discussed changes to make this year, such as adding our read aloud time back in, making sure we get enough fun learning in, and spending enough time on history and science. Of course, the best laid plans in our house are

Ten Atlases For Your Homeschool Shelf

Post contains affiliate links. World Atlases: The Usborne Children’s World Atlas: Internet Linked – We have had this one since the kids were little; I like how sturdy and kid-friendly it is. It’s only available used on Amazon, but it’s a keeper. National Geographic Student World Atlas – National Geographic atlases always have the best pictures! No surprise there, is it? United States Atlases: Rand McNally 2016 Large Scale Road Atlas – Yes, a road atlas counts! National Geographic Kids United States Atlas – Another National Geographic atlas, this one just for the U.S. of A. Historical Atlases: The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Civilizations – Ancient

Everything You Need For Eclectic Homeschool History Curriculum

I’ve said that being an eclectic homeschooler doesn’t mean that you just throw a bunch of stuff together and hope it works. Every piece of curriculum is chosen, for a reason. However, I am going to admit that being an eclectic homeschooler does often mean that you have a large variety of materials at your disposal. (Because I like variety. And options.) That said, I do have a large variety of materials available to study History here at our house. I love History. I didn’t used to, no sir. But as an adult–I think it might be my favorite. And

Heritage History Bonus!

~ Heritage History (I wrote about how we love them here and here) is having a Tax Day Special! Going NOW until May 31, 2013, get the Early American Library CD *FREE* with a purchase of $19.99 or greater. Just add the Early American Library CD to your cart with your order and use code spring_2013 at checkout. This might be a good opportunity to grab your stuff for the new school year! Happy Tax Day? ;0)

Supplementing the Mystery of History with Heritage History Classics

Those of you who know me in person or have read my blog for any length of time have probably had a chance to hear me go on and on about how much I love, LOVE, The Mystery of History. I’ve had the pleasure of introducing several of my IRL friends and online homeschool friends to it, and helping them see the MOH light. I’m crazy about the fact that I can teach my kids with one group text, I love that it’s a 4 year cyclic series, I ADORE the biblical perspective, and I’m happy that everything I have

ABC’s of Homeschooling ~ Bible in our Homeschool

Back in the early days of our homeschool journey, I remember polling my homeschool friends about bible curriculum. “Do you use a curriculum to teach bible?” I would ask, again and again. Most of my friends didn’t, saying they simple used the bible itself. A couple of my friends used a curriculum which had bible included (like LifePac for example.) But mostly, the answer was no. As time went on, though, I really felt the need to add more to it. Not that I want to ADD to the BIBLE! But I wanted to do more than reading alone–I wanted