ABC’s of Homeschooling – All Year

Here at la casa de Oliver, or Faith Family Homeschool as we call it though I don’t refer to it often, we school… all year round. Oh yes. We do. But wait! Before you start imagining my kids with the pencil to the paper 7 days a week, 365 days a year, I need to tell you something… We take LOTS of breaks. We enjoy seasons and holidays and birthdays. We just spread school out over the whole year. My friend, Dawn, at 5 Kids and a Dog has started a new homeschooling meme called the ABCs of Homeschooling. It

Mornings and Evenings

And the mornings and the evenings rotate one by one, marking the passing of days. February slips by like a thief, stealthy and unnoticed. It is nearly gone. January, a distant memory now, began a journey through the bible that is nearly half over. January left a bitter taste with many failed goals but brought the sweetness of a new evening routine. February embraced a challenge to fine tune a morning routine as well. Morning, and evening, and morning again. Morning comes, and begins with a book. THE book. The word of God. By the early light of day, in

Weekly Wrap Up, Week 17

As I mentioned yesterday.. I’m pretty much behind on everything. This month is supposed to be about getting ahead a little bit but this week is all about just catching up and not falling farther behind. I’m only just now getting around to my homeschool weekly wrap-up (and I’m not sure there’s really that much to say…) However, there is one really exciting thing about last week.. Last week I had a momentary lament over the state of our language arts studies. I was all ready to hop online and spend some money on a few inexpensive things to help