Homeschool Economics Curriculum, Bible-Based from Christian Worldview

*Please read my disclosure at the end.* I remember very little from my high school Economics class. I do remember a pretty heavy discussion about how it is wrong to buy a dress, leave the tags on, wear it to a party, and return it the next day. We may have talked about credit cards and bank loans. I literally remember nothing else. Our country is full of the economically illiterate, and yes I think I would have to include myself in that lot. And here we are, homeschooling high school, and Economics is one of those things that we are

Homeschooling Driver’s Ed?!

What’s that number one thing that most parents tell you at one point or another? Yep – time flies. They tell you time will pass faster than you think it will, and they are not wrong. This is neither good nor bad, it’s just the way it is. As long as you have spent that time well, that’s what matters most. And one day you look up and it’s time for your “baby” to start learning to drive. My what a young woman she has grown into! Next thing you know your husband is assigning your fourteen year old the task

Homeschooling High School

When my oldest daughter was almost three, we started thinking about homeschooling. My husband had some experience with homeschool; we had many friends who intended or already were homeschooling. I had some college under my belt for elementary education, thinking that God was calling me to teach (but not really having a specific plan for that.) My happy, chubby-cheeked, golden-curled toddler was well behaved, curious and delightfully obedient. I wasn’t worried about whether or not she would be a good student. Myself on the other hand… I was near delivery with our second child and not very well self-disciplined. I