Keeping Healthy Habits While On Vacation

Keeping Healthy Habits While On Vacation How do you approach staying healthy while you’re on vacation? I ask because — I will be! Only two more days until I fly off to Baltimore for the Apologia Real Refreshment Retreat. I don’t plan to over analyze everything while I’m gone, but I do plan to remember that I’m trying to say healthy while I enjoy myself. =) I intend to try to get enough sleep, to try to drink enough water, to try to make healthier eating choices and only indulge in sweets in moderation, and not overeat. What tips do

3 Websites to Exercise Online For Free (Healthy Habits)

What holds you back from exercise? Maybe you have a legitimate doctor’s note: you’re recovering from surgery, you had a baby last week, etc, etc. But apart from real reasons.. what’s your excuse? Don’t have time? Don’t have a place? Don’t have equipment? Don’t know where to start? Oh, believe me, I’m not pointing fingers.. I’m listing all of MY excuses! But they are excuses really. How does the saying go? If something is important you’ll find a way, if it’s not you’ll make excuses – something like that. After being sick with a head cold that totally sapped my

Healthy Banana-Stuffed Chocolate French Toast

You don’t typically hear the words “healthy” and “french toast” in the same sentence, right? At least, not the way I normally make them–with sugar in the egg & milk dip, with enough oil in the skillet to get a nice sugary cripsy crust around the edges, and with plenty of butter and syrup. Tasty? Yes. Healthy? Notsomuch. So on my “no added sugar” diet, I had to come up with a healthy, tasty way to make my french toast if I was going be able to participate in french toast breakfast with the kids. And you know what? I succeeded!

8 Ways to Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet (And LIKE it.)

When you hear the phrase “no sugar” you automatically think of a world where you’ll never eat anything sweet and tasty ever again. That’s simply not true! The truth is that cutting sugar means cutting *added* sugars,* and there’s a whole world of naturally occurring sweet things out there to savor. It’s true that you’ll have to give up some of your favorite things – but who knows? You may find some new favorites to replace them with. =) 8 Ways to Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet 1.Cut out the obvious offenders. Lay off the cookies, the candy, the

Healthy Habits ~ Making Healthy Eating Choices

Last week I was talking about getting back on that horse- I think I did a pretty good job, too. This week went much better! This past week I focused on making healthy eating choices, I squeezed in a workout twice (not as much as I hoped but two more than last week! Working up to a daily goal.) I got in bed on time most nights, but not all, so I got up on time most days (but not all.) This past week I gave up added sugar (minus my 3tsp in my morning coffee – or some days

Healthy Habits 2/5 ~ Get Back On That Horse

Another week is down! (And I’m glad to see it go.. it did not go well as far as Healthy Habits is concerned!) This week had so many setbacks and hurdles! For different reasons I went to bed too late on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Not enough sleep catches up with you! Starting on Tuesday I found it impossible to get up on time or even at a decent time and found myself needing more sleep for the whole rest of the week! Waking up late cost me my Supposed-To-Be-Exercise Time, and many days my Quiet Time also. BOO. Tuesday