Supplemental Anatomy Science Books

So if you haven’t noticed already, I have a thing for books. I’m building our library with good supplemental and living books to keep on hand. Having kids from age 5 – 11, here’s a list of anatomy and health related books for my library. I’ve marked the books that we have already and the others are books that I hope to add to our library soon. The Kingfisher First Human Body Encyclopedia (Kingfisher First Reference) (We have this one already. My 5 year old science guy goes through it again and again and again!) Inside Your Outside: All About the

Teaching Outside the Box

Or outside the school room as it were. Yesterday, as if I had any doubt, proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that all school lessons don’t come with lesson plans and teacher books. Yesterday, we needed to go grocery shopping and I decided that were going on a field trip. To the grocery store. To learn. Because why? Because the day before yesterday, all three of the kids whined about at least one part of all three of our meals. And at supper time, I specifically heard myself say, “You can’t only eat one part because you need a