Kitchen Tip For Fighting Winter Skin

Winter is upon us. Oh, you know that? Yeah, my knuckles, my elbows and my chapped lips figured it out, too. Add to the cold dry air outside and the warm dry air inside with frequent handwashing, fireplace tending and a bad habit of not paying attention to things like dry hands and chapped lips and, well, it wasn’t pretty. Several weeks ago I realized that my biggest problem was just simply not stopping to think about applying lotion or lip balm until things were stinging and getting my attention. My second biggest problem was not being able to find

Oh, Spinach!

As a kid I hated spinach. Oh, no, it’s true. I really truly despised the slimy green mass of goo on my plate. In my defense, it was pretty much always overcooked and mushy, and rarely ever served fresh. As an adult I love spinach. Fresh baby spinach, slightly steamed or cooked spinach in savory dishes. YUM. And from what I’ve been reading we actually need to be eating a little bit of both (raw and cooked — but never OVER cooked for the sake of your taste buds!) because our body can better digest some of this super food’s

Eating (Even) Healthier

Eating healthy is something we do better at, and then backslide at a bit, and then do good at again… sound familiar? Healthy to me, is something I define as: eating as many whole foods as possible, eliminating as many pre-packed and convenience food as possible, limiting sweets and indulging in them in moderation and using proper portion control. It shouldn’t be that hard, right? Well, it’s even a little bit easier now because Big Daddy is working out and lifting weights and wants to eat really healthy. Woohoo! Of course, that has it’s difficult points -working a picky eater

WFMW: Yoplait Fat Free Plain Yogurt

You think I’m kidding, I’m not! A couple of years ago I weaned my family off the sugar and food coloring abundant dessertified forms of yogurt available on the store shelves. I say “weaned”.. truth is I just stopped buying it. Since then (except on rare occasions) we’ve only bought the large tubs of plain yogurt. We’ve even made our own! It wasn’t hard, the kids made the switch easily. We still add a little bit of sugar and flavor, but the difference is that we are in control of the amounts, and there’s nothing else in there besides what

Because Winning A VitaMix Blender Would Be Really Cool

I shouldn’t be telling you about this… but I will, because winning a VitaMix Blender would be REALLY cool! The more people I tell, the more people who will enter and spoil my chances. 😉 But I’ll not be that greedy and I’ll give you a chance to win, too, because as I said – winning a VitaMix Blender would be REALLY cool. Right?! So here’s the scoop: Jessie Hawkins, founder of Vintage Remedies, is giving away a free Vitamix 5200 on her blog. Entry is simple and the drawing is random so you’ve got just as much chance to

Our 2009-2010 Curriculum

The season is upon us. Not the holiday season, the back to school season! The get back on our school schedule, pull out the new school books, stock up on school supplies and no more sleeping in late season. Not that we ever sleep in late around here. Ahem. Typically speaking we take the month of August off after having schooled for the whole remainder of the year. This year, however, we’re still going and we’re doing a bit of something during the month of August to help transition into the new school year. Princess, Age 9.3 We’re using the