Teaching Kids To Do Their Own Laundry?

I’m posting over at Successful Homemakers today about teaching kids to do their own laundry. Our laundry pile is always better when I follow these 6 habit tips (and worse when I don’t!) Come talk kids and laundry with me. =) —-> Teaching Kids to Be Responsible for Their Own Laundry <—-

January’s Goals ~ 3 in 30

I really need to get back into the habit of using the 3 in 30 challenge to focus on specific tasks and get things done around here. Habits, projects, you name it. I decided I was going to do this again and even though I haven’t gotten around to write a post about it before now, I’ve already been working on some habits for this month. What I’m saying is.. I intended to write this post at the first of the year and get right down to business working on my goals. And then I got sick. Actually I got

ABC’s of Homeschooling ~ Housework and Homework

You homeschooling moms.. you already know where I’m going with this. It’s a never ending battle.. The laundry grows when you’re not looking, the dishes breed in the sink, the dust bunnies are gathering under the couch plotting a full scale onslaught while you sleep! *insert scary psycho music here* One of the hardest things for me is balancing housework and homework — how do I get it all done? And from the conversations I have with other homeschool moms.. I’m not the only one in this boat. You with me? And stop me if you’ve heard this one: “But

A Quick March Update

Okay – REALLY?! The March 3 in 30 has only just begun and the first check in was yesterday. WOW. I’ve made it pretty clear that it takes several weeks for me to develop good habits so obviously I haven’t been at this NEAR long enough to have any kind of progress to report yet. Still. It’s been four days. I should have at least something to show for it, right? Well. Here’s what I’ve got: 1.) We’ve been turning the tv off at 9 (or close to – a couple of times breakfast was late, my fault, and we

Marching Forward, More Goals

And once again it’s time to make some new 3 in 30 goals. A couple of days ago I told you how happy I was with our February goals and I’m really hoping to build on that success for March! This month, as I mentioned, the girls and I chose the goals we are all going to work on together. We’re picking more daily habit/routine type goals and I need their cooperation on these. I have high hopes. =) Without further ado, our goals for March: 1. Turn the t.v. off at 9 a.m. That may sound really lenient.. and

20 Minute Clean-Up

Every now and then I come up with something that’s REALLY good. Most of the time I come up with good ideas and they’re good for a little while and then our needs and abilities change and we need a new idea. (Sometimes I come up with ideas that seem good at first glance but really aren’t feasible but that’s beside the point..) But every now and then I think up a real golden nugget of an idea. This is one of those golden nugget ideas. I really think so. I give you our: 20 Minute Clean-Up The basic idea