My Journey to the Baltimore Real Refreshment Retreat, Part 1: Alone but Not Alone.

I can’t believe it has been almost two weeks since I was blessed to have such an encouraging, refreshing, amazing experience — attending the Real Refreshment Retreat in Baltimore, Maryland. Apologia’s “Retreat” is aptly named, it’s something of a cross between a homeschool convention, a Christian Women’s conference and a Worship Night. It has taken me this long to “unpack” and be able to write out everything that God showed me on that journey. And it was truly “A Journey!” Apologia’s Real Refreshment Retreat The speakers (Rachael Carman, Debra Bell, Heidi St. John, Zan Tyler and Sherri Seglison – to

God Provides – And a Change

This is a very personal story for me, a pouring out of my heart. Some of you may not read it, but I hope you will. But here’s the “punchline:” Over the past two months God has provided, through this blog, all our curriculum needs for the year. Praise Him! Now we turn our attention, and income, toward a more pressing need, a home.  God Provides He always does. The story of our last dozen years or so can be summed up with “leaning on God for provision, almost daily, and being able to see Him provide again and again.”

Organizing Your Homeschool Day for Grace {Not Pride and Your Own Agenda}

Welcome back as we continue our 10 Days of Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Homeschooling!  Today we meet Michelle from Beautiful Mess,  continuing the topic of over-planning.. to the point of organizing God and His Grace right out of your homeschool day! (Or, how not to…) ~~ Organizing Your Homeschool Day for Grace {Not Pride and Your Own Agenda} One of my favorite sayings before this deconstruction of mom began: “Your lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on my part.” Hmmmm, kind of selfish and rude, don’t ya think? What part of that would Jesus really like?

A Winter Tale of Woe & Roadside Redemption

You know us Southerners. A little ice on the roads and we’re a mess. Believe it or not, I do actually know what NOT to do while driving on ice. I’m not really all that skilled at what TO do. Like, what do you do if: The roads are solid sheets of ice, you go through a dip in the road, through “the one” melty spot, get your tires wet, and then lose traction halfway up the hill on the other side? In a standard. Front wheel drive. Little car, little engine. The answer is probably “STAY HOME.” If I

A Very Bad Day.

To say that yesterday “sucked” would be an understatement. I realize that’s probably the strongest language ever I’ve used on this blog, but, yesterday completely sucked. A series of unfortunate events. A very bad day. It started off that way, so what should have been a VERY GOOD DAY really never stood a chance. No matter that I tried to get a handle on my mood constantly throughout the whole day. No matter that I did manage to improve my mood, briefly, several times throughout the day. It didn’t matter, the bad just came rolling in like waves. It was

Popinjay: Powerful

Crashing, rain pounded into age-torn siding, wind ripping brittle shingles from the roof. Noise carried by wind and felt through the ground caused the home to tremble-jitter while three helpless babes slept inside. Innocent. Unaware. Mother pacing, praying, peering through rain streaked windows watching clouds illuminated by lightening – seeking every ounce of information stormy skies could offer. Seeking God to guide and comfort the storm within throughout the storm without. After terror wanes and storm passes, sunrise comes and light illumines havoc-torn trees. Morning reveals the close proximity of the twisting tempest, powerful and destructive. Mother, relieved, Father surprised,