Out of the Drought, the Blessings Come

The past six months have been some of the hardest six months in our marriage, in a lot of ways. But mostly, it has also been six of the BEST months of our marriage. (I know, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times…but stay with me.) We have been through some really rough patches in our marriage before, and they have each been difficult for their own reason, and they each came with their own lessons. Last Fall, God moved His mighty hand and finally set the events in motion to get us into this

Terror By Night

“Terror By Night” is a true story. A real life “Job” story, Terry Caffey shares what it was like surviving the gruesome murder of his family, escaping his burning home, and enduring the many months of rehabilitation and pain as his 16 year old daughter waited in jail, accused of masterminding the whole thing. But this story is more than that. It’s more than just a recounting of the horrible events that occurred in the middle of the night in that small Texas town. It’s more than just sharing his side of events that media may have skewed. “Terror By

When Coincidence Passes ‘Uncanny’ and Moves Into ‘You Gotta Be Kidding Me.’

I don’t believe in coincidence. Not really. I know, I’ve said that before but it bears repeating. Rather than some random lucky chance of the universe, I see coincidences as little blessings of God bestowing his favor and grace on your circumstance. When you break down on the side of the road and someone you know “just happens” to be driving past to stop and help you? Yeah, that’s God. But sometimes, even when you know that God’s watching over you and He’s in control and that all these little blessings are from him.. sometimes even then you’re still amazed


Quiet. I’ve been thinking. A little over a week ago we had an “adventure” that really rocked our routine. And not just our daily routine…that quickly recovered. But our regular routine way of thinking, our tomorrow’s going to be another repeat of today way of thinking, our comfy and lazy way of routine thinking. Weekend before last we thought we were going to lose our house, our things, everything but what we could pack into our car,… when a very, VERY, large wildfire came within 3/4 mile of our home. THREE QUARTERS OF A MILE. The fire began miles from

A Winter Tale of Woe & Roadside Redemption

You know us Southerners. A little ice on the roads and we’re a mess. Believe it or not, I do actually know what NOT to do while driving on ice. I’m not really all that skilled at what TO do. Like, what do you do if: The roads are solid sheets of ice, you go through a dip in the road, through “the one” melty spot, get your tires wet, and then lose traction halfway up the hill on the other side? In a standard. Front wheel drive. Little car, little engine. The answer is probably “STAY HOME.” If I