Give-Thanks-Giving: A Gift of Giving

Wrapping up the one-year bloggiversary celebration, I’m finishing this up with a giveaway of sorts. Inspired by other giving bloggers around the blogosphere this month, and also by the 30 Day Giving Challenge, I’ll be giving away a donation, to the winner’s favorite charity. At the same time, I’ll be passing on to the selected winner a small token of my appreciation – a $25 gift card to Gevalia Coffee that I have but am choosing to pass on rather than keep it for myself. I am going to make this REALLY simple. You like simple don’t you? Here’s what

Give-Thanks-Giving: Online Giving Resources

Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. 2nd Corinthians 9:7 It seems the opportunities to give and to serve come crawling out of the woodwork when the holidays roll around. But the majority of those ministries have needs year round. All year long you can donate your time or your money to those in need. There are so many really good ministries, organizations and charities out there that need year round support. Closer to home, there are also many ministries and individuals in your local

Give-Thanks-Giving: The Challenge

What is your Thanksgiving celebration going to look like this year? Will you travel? Will friends and family gather in your home? Will there be turkey or ham? Or both?! Close your eyes a moment and visualize it. Think about how you want it to happen, imagine enjoying the day’s festivities with joy and laughter. If you can imagine these things, if this is what Thanksgiving dinner will look like for you, or anything like it,.. then you are blessed!! Stop right now and make a list of your blessings: I have a home. I have family nearby to gather

Our New Holiday Tradition – The Gifts of the Magi Revisited

Last year I told you about one our Christmas traditions, The Gifts of the Magi, in which each child receives 3 gifts for Christmas, each one representing the gifts the  magi brought to honor the infant Savior. This is a great tradition all by itself but this year, I’m making it even better! I often run around like a horse with blinders on. But lately God has been pulling so much stuff into my path, my plane of view, so that I couldn’t possibly miss it. Like Robin’s call to action several weeks ago in her post, Dead Faith. I

A Lesson In Giving: Operation Christmas Child

As Christians we are called to have a heart that gives and serves gladly-all year round. Yet giving really takes the spotlight during the holidays. I try to encourage my children to be giving and to meet needs whenever they see them: Proverbs 3:27 – Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act. Of course they are KIDS and often forget this admonishment; they must be frequently reminded that if they can help their sister/brother then they should go ahead and do it. At Christmas I like to encourage my children

Advent Event, Day 4: The Spirit of Giving

We know that Christmas is about giving, and about the greatest gift ever given. But we also know that it’s the GETTING that often takes center stage. How do we overcome that, especially with our children? Encouraging our children to give of their time or resources is a good start. Let it be said that we should have giving hearts all year long. During the holidays, people can feel particularly lonely, discontented and sad. During the winter, needs can be felt more severely. Throughout this holiday season, you can find many opportunities to give if you look around a little.