Free Coloring Pages & Books For Mom

Have you joined the “adult coloring page” craze? I love these things! (And not just because they are “trendy” or “in” right now.) I used to color in Precious Moments and Disney coloring books when I had free time as a teenager and I remember my dad picking on me for it. 😉 But I’ve always found coloring or doodling relaxing, and now that it’s popular, there are so many fun and challenge grown up coloring pages to choose from. I saw a cartoon going around Facebook at Christmas, with a kid excitedly opening a laptop or ipad or something,

Top Ten {Tuesday} ~ Homeschool Sites

For the next TEN weeks, the iHomeschool Network is joining forces to participate in Angie’s (Many Little Blessings) Top Ten Tuesday with specific themed lists. It’s a mega-linky-blog-hop! This week’s theme: Top Ten favorite websites to use for homeschooling. I’m an eclectic homeschooler so you know there’s going to be a good mix of resources here, right? Of course, right! Free Homeschool Deals – a relatively new site from Jamerrill at Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling. Many freebies posted every day! Freely Educate – Another freebie (or very low cost) site with a good variety and lots of “good stuff.” I’ve been

USING those free Unit Study downloads and all those other freebies..

Today’s tip is a quick and easy for actually USING those free unit studies and other freebies you may collect all over your laptop hard drive. Oh, you don’t? Is that just me?? Well, if you ever *should* find yourself gathering freebies willy nilly and scattering them across multiple computers or burying them in your downloads folder to be forgotten and never used…. I have a tip for you. =) Because *I*… I *do* have a problem with “collecting” freebies. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I “hoard” them, though. (But what hoarder ever does?) Truly, I don’t,