Free Coloring Pages & Books For Mom

Have you joined the “adult coloring page” craze? I love these things! (And not just because they are “trendy” or “in” right now.) I used to color in Precious Moments and Disney coloring books when I had free time as a teenager and I remember my dad picking on me for it. 😉 But I’ve always found coloring or doodling relaxing, and now that it’s popular, there are so many fun and challenge grown up coloring pages to choose from. I saw a cartoon going around Facebook at Christmas, with a kid excitedly opening a laptop or ipad or something,

President’s Day Unit Study Resources

Planning a President’s Day unit study? Or maybe you don’t need a full-fledged unit study, you just want to take a little peek into this holiday. There are so many great resources online, if you do a little bit of digging. But hey, I’ve done some digging for you. =) There are more resources here than what you could use in one day. What we have here are options. I like OPTIONS. (It’s like a staple for me.) Lucky for you, President’s Day comes around every year, so you can come back and do something different next year. =) President’s Day

Free Valentine’s Day Resources Round-Up

Valentine’s Day is near! For holidays, I find I either plan ahead WAY in advance or procrastinate until the last minute. There is no middle ground. You? How about a little round-up to help us out? 10 Free Valentine’s Day Resources Valentine’s Day Resources for Homeschoolers History of Valentine’s Day & Free Printables Unity Study, Pre-k – 5th Grade at Free Homeschool Deals – a free unit study and many links to other sources as well.   “The Complete Valentine’s Day Checklist” from the Classic Housewife Archives – history of Valentine’s Day, books to read, recipes to make, places to find lessons,

10 Free Thanksgiving Resources

NOVEMBER ALREADY?? Goodness, it’s going to be Thanksgiving before we know it! With that in mind, I thought a Thanksgiving themed Ten on Tuesday list would be appropriate. =) How about ten free Thanksgiving resources? Actually, a few of these are lists so there’s a lot more than ten! These cover a variety of subject areas and age groups so have fun digging in! Also, don’t forget I have a great big “Free & Frugal Thanksgiving Resource” list myself. Ten Free Thanksgiving Resources 1.) 50 Free Fall Printables for Kids From Look We’re Learning, this isn’t solely Thanksgiving related but

Homeschooling with Tablets

The kids received something extra special under the Christmas tree..and I’ve been putting it to good use. They all got their own tablets, and they are loving them. Tablets! Each of them?? Yes, sirree. But hang on now, you need to know two things.   1.)  I got a REALLY good deal… 2.)  I had ulterior motives (mwahahahaa!)   Each of my three darling children had one “big ticket item” on their Christmas wish lists… The price tag of which would have totaled over seven hundred dollars. As my eyeballs bulged out of my head and I nearly choked on

Free Patriotic Copywork Notebooking Pages (from

Have you seen the free patriotic copywork notebooking pages this week? Sign up as a free member to get instant access to this download pack. Already a member? Free and paid members will find this added to the download center. Very cool.=) There’s also a membership giveaway! Oh, and a $50% off coupon. Lots of goodies. All the details are in this post on Notebooking Pages. Check out the info and get your free patriotic printables.