Back to School Minion Party (Despicable Me)

Post contains affiliate links. “It’s time to get back to work, Minions!” Otherwise entitled: How To Throw a Back to School Minion Themed Party Your Kids Will LOVE. Our Back to School “Minion” party was a big hit, and it was so super easy (and not very expensive!) You like that, don’t you? The idea struck me literally only a few days before our first day of school and I was so taken with my moment of genius (<-humble right?) that I totally ditched my other plans and went to work on this new idea immediately. The. Kids. Loved. It.

10 Exciting Traditions for the New School Year

Several years ago we started the tradition of having a first day of school “party” full of fun and silliness, to mark the occasion. Last year’s party was last minute and ill-planned so I want to redeem myself this year. 😉 I’ve been gathering some ideas to make this year’s party even better! 10 Exciting Traditions For The New School Year (First Day of School Party) 1. New first day of school outfits. We do this every year, but this year, I might WRAP them! Novel idea, right? 2. Fun decorations. In the past I have decorated after the kids

1st Day of School, 2010

Though our first “official” school day on the calendar was on Monday (Labor Day), our first “real” school day came bright and early Tuesday morning, up before the sun – or so it seemed with the overcast skies that came in with the rain storms from Tropical Storm Hermine. But the pouring (and POURING!) rain did little to nothing to dampen the spirits of my kiddos who hopped out of bed asking where their brand new 1st Day outfits were and “when were the pancakes going to be ready?” Seriously I have NEVER seen my children that eager to start

The First Day of School: Special Memories

I sometimes day dream about yellow school buses and shiny lunch boxes. I remember how much I loved the first day of school, dressing up in new clothes, carrying my new backpack… HAPPY to go back to school for another year. I was ONE OF THOSE. I loved school. No, I loved seeing my friends at school. Yes. That was it. I sort of enjoyed some of my classes. I drudged or yawned through some of the others. I enjoyed ALL the electives (because, again, I was ONE OF THOSE.) The best part was sitting around with friends before school