ABC’s of Homeschooling ~ Bees!

Pointing to the queen bee.   A couple of weeks ago our local homeschool group took a field trip to a bee farm, and despite all of the children’s misgivings about it, it was actually a lot of fun!! The beekeeper was very nice and told us a lot about bees and the important role they play in nature. He showed us how he collects and harvest honey and let us all have a tasty sample of fresh honeycomb – yum!! We actually did learn a lot and the kids found it really interesting. Here’s some of what I remember

Big Homeschool Blogger Field Trip – Fun!

We did it! Yesterday we went to the zoo, met up with two friends and had a blast. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. I first have to take a moment to that I’m really sorry if anyone showed up and looked for me and couldn’t find me. I wasn’t really expecting anybody but the zoo was so crazy busy that it took extra long to get into the zoo, find a parking space, and I wasn’t where I said I was going to be when I said I was going to be there. I did *not* allow enough time for

Field Trip to the Air Field

{I have to add a note making it not-so-wordless (because I never count the captions anyway!): My aunt is an instructor with her own plane, all three kids sat in a backed-booster seat so they could appropriately buckle into the harness. The older two actually got to take the controls a little bit, and the oldest got to take them a bit during takeoff and landing. YES, this Momma was a bit nervous – but did you SEE the note about God?? They had a blast and hope to do it again real soon!} Wordless Wednesday is hosted by 5

Field Trip to the Firehouse

Today we joined a group of homeschoolers for a field trip to the firehouse. And I didn’t take my camera – what was I thinking? The firemen showed us a fire rescue truck, a water truck, and an ambulance. The kids enjoyed learning about each truck but especially the ambulance. As soon as they were done telling us about the kinds of things you can find inside an ambulance, they got a call and had to clear all the kids out so they could go help somebody. Of course the moms were like, *Oh, gasp!* But the children were thinking: