Marriage Minute ~ Honor Your Father

As I sit here writing this on Father’s Day, I meditate on the biblical instruction to honor our parents, to honor our father and our mother, and our role as wives and mothers in teaching our children to do that. It’s no mystery or secret that our children learn by example. By every action, word and tone, we set the example for our children of how to respect (or not respect) people – especially their fathers. As we live together and spend more time together with our family members than with others, it’s these examples that our kids see. Am

Father’s Day at Currclick

How cute is this?? The kids get involved in this creative Father’s Day gift, from Currclick (for only a dollar.) There’s also a free matching card that goes along with it. The Father’s Day “tool kit” is a printable tool box and tools that has a place on each to write favorite memories and special things from each child to make the gift truly unique for him and him alone. Complete with instructions for the 3-D paper tools, check out the site for a full size preview.

Bonus Currclick Freebie: Father’s Day Notebooking Pages

An added bonus this week is a Father’s Day freebie: “Father’s Day Notebooking Pages.” You can download it free right now by clicking HERE. I downloaded this for the kids and the thing I like best about it is that it provides a variety of options for a variety of age levels. There are blank (ruled and decorated) pages for older children who can write there own letters. There are writing prompts for younger children , “Dad, you are great because________,” that you could also use with very young children, asking their answers verbally and writing it down for them.