Making Summer Wishlists

I don’t think we have ever needed a Summer break more than we do right now. We’re behind on all sorts of things all over the place and my Inner List-Checker is having a fit because there’s no time for breaks! (See previous post: Inner List-Checker is closely related to Bossy Houseguest.) But even with all the unfinished business on our plates, I know that a break is exactly what we need. More specifically, TIME is what we need. Summer TIME Time to relax. Time to breathe. Time to do things as a family. Time for fun. Time for rest.

10 Things I Like About May

Mother’s Day – hehe! 😉 The days start feeling longer. It’s the last month with really nice weather. (Where I am. June starts getting too hot.) Barbecues Picnics Gardening It’s the best month for field trips. The school year ends. (Not for us, but for some of our friends – more play dates.) Usually the first month we fire up the grill for all our (my) summer cooking. Finally get to pack up the last of the cool weather clothes. (We hope.) What about you?

Our Official School Name

I don’t think I’ve mentioned what we decided to name our school. Several weeks ago I asked for input and suggestions as we searched for the just the right name. After discussing it as a family, I think we’ve settled on just the right one. We decided to go with Princess’ suggestion of Faith Family Homeschool. I like this name for at least a couple of reasons. First, I like that it’s very straight-forward. Academy or Private School doesn’t tell the listener that we school at home – they’d have to ask. I understand why some people would prefer that,