Why Do We Still Do a Christmas Tree?

  We don’t do a lot of other American Christmas traditions so why do we still do a Christmas tree? You know, I’ve actually been asked this question before. Good-intentioned, well-meaning, non-judgmental friends have asked why I still decorate a Christmas tree after we long ago parted ways with Santa Claus and a lot of the other American Christmas traditions. Like everything else in life, I want to honor God in everything I do. I’m not perfect yet, but that’s my goal. When it comes to our earthly traditions, there are some things which can be used for God’s glory and

10 Exciting Traditions for the New School Year

Several years ago we started the tradition of having a first day of school “party” full of fun and silliness, to mark the occasion. Last year’s party was last minute and ill-planned so I want to redeem myself this year. 😉 I’ve been gathering some ideas to make this year’s party even better! 10 Exciting Traditions For The New School Year (First Day of School Party) 1. New first day of school outfits. We do this every year, but this year, I might WRAP them! Novel idea, right? 2. Fun decorations. In the past I have decorated after the kids

Busy & Bribery

The last few weeks have been very busy!! Two weeks ago we went down to my parents’ house and helped them pack and move back up here.. we also helped them unpack and settle in quite a bit over the next few days. Over that weekend, I watched my sister in law walk across the stage as she graduated with her Master’s Degree. Yay! This past week we worked on staying busy with our school and getting our house back in order from all the traveling and back and forth and running around. We still have six more weeks of

Advent 2009: Culmination

Christmas week arrives with a buzz, you can feel it in the air. Advent traditions and celebrations have been building to this point and it’s here they all converge, meeting at the manger where the angels sing “Glory to God in the highest!” It would be too easy to reach this point, exhausted from the month’s festivities, and let Christmas week take you for a ride. Or just as easy, you could find yourself slipping into the role of Advent drill sergeant, and hear yourself saying things like “we have to do this first and then that,… no it has

Advent Event, Day 2: Traditions

We have many traditions that we repeat each year to make our Advent season meaningful and keep the holidays focused on Jesus Christ. Some of our activities change from year to year, but these are the traditions that we’ve begun and I hope and pray that these traditions are carried on through the generations. Our Advent Calendar A day or two before Advent begins, the kids and I will sit down and make an Advent calendar. Sure, we could buy one, but there’s a lot less fun in that – don’t you think? Each year the calendar contains a piece

The Advent Event – Sharing Christmas ideas, traditions, tips and more!

Today is the first day of Advent! If you don’t know what Advent is, it’s basically a Catholic tradition which celebrates the coming of Christ as a child and his promised Second Coming – and it runs from roughly after Thanksgiving until the beginning of January. Now, I’m not Catholic. But after being exposed to the tradition of Advent a few years ago, I quickly realized that this is a great opportunity to keep Christmas focused on Christ – and not only that, but have fun celebrating it all month long. Since Christmas is my favorite holiday.. I’M ALL OVER