100 Fall-Ish Things For a Fall Study

100 Things For a Fall Study Fall is my favorite season. I love the weather, the colors, the smells.. the excitement in the air as it ushers in the holiday season. =) In Texas it just doesn’t last nearly long enough, so I take what I can get. This year I’ve been looking forward to Fall and the holiday season even more than usual. I’ve been looking forward to a season of happiness and joy. If you love fall, too, and want to do a fall study, or you’re crazy about apples and acorns, or you’re looking for some pumpkin

A Fashion Moment – It’s Okay to Be Fashionable, Right?

I don’t talk much about fashion. That’s not what this blog is about. It’s not that I don’t LIKE fashion or don’t CARE about fashion.. I like trendy things. I don’t want to be a SLAVE to fashion, I don’t NEED to be in the height of fashion, and I should NOT care so much about fashion that it takes priority over other things or is a cause of financial stress. Over the years I have gone back and forth about how much attention to pay to stuff like that. I mean, obviously I don’t want to be overly concerned

More Fall Decor

Check out that “fall broom” hanging on my dining room wall! It’s really one of those cinnamon brooms but it looked kinda “witchy” so I also bought some fall colored grasses (all from the dollar store) and tied it with some of the fall ribbon I already had (clearance from last year) and voila! A beautiful fall broom! Also, I found some pumpkin spice potpourri at the Dollar Store that actually smelled quite wonderful. Mixing that with some extra pinecones and fake gourds made a lovely (and lovely smelling) bowl for my table. I’ve had the red suede maple leaf

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins: Crafts, recipes and more!

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween – they’re good ALL SEASON LONG! I think pumpkins have more to do with the autumn harvest – even though they’re used for both the jack-o-lanterns and the common shape for the trick or treat bags. But Pumpkins are a common fall harvest vegetable, good for Halloween, Thanksgiving and all through the fall. They’re good for baking, decorating, and yes – for jack-o-lanterns, too. For many years, I’ve bought and painted pumpkins – it’s easier than carving, the pumpkin lasts longer, and it disassociated with the Halloween jack-o-lantern. Any kind of acrylic paint will work,

Frugal & Easy Autumn Centerpiece

If you ask me, home decor is an important part of making our house feel homey. If you ask my husband…wall color, fancy curtains, decorations, pictures and art are “frills” that nobody really needs. After thinking about it, he probably WOULD be just fine living in a house that looks like a white padded cell or a sterile surgical room. Not me. Obviously, I don’t want to be at odds with my husband over spending large amounts of money on “frills” and honestly, I don’t feel the need to spend large amounts of money on name brand items or valuable

Autumn, How I love thee, let me count the (20) ways.

Today is the first official day of Autumn! Though, I’ve already been thinking about it for weeks. It began with the first Halloween/Fall catalog I got in the mail and just continued with the Fall catalog from ABC Distributing – chock full of fall decorations and such. Last week’s fall-like weather just threw my longing for fall into overdrive. Finally – fall is here! Laurel @ Laurel’s Reflections offers up this list of 20 Things to Treasure in Autumn. Inspired, I offer up my own list. And what better to share than today? Let Autumn begin! 20 Things I Adore