Connecting Church And Home (Tim Kimmel) – My Review

“Know what this book is about?” I asked my husband. “Umm, connecting church and home?” he guessed. Yes, he’s humorous. If you were just passing by and glanced at this book on a shelf, you might not get much more than that, either. Yes, this book is about bringing the church and the home together and uniting them with a common goal–but there is so much more packed inside this tiny book than first impressions may give. For me, the timing of receiving this book was impeccable. But then, God always has great timing. Connecting Church & Home: A Grace-Based


I’ve been MIA online. I’ve been busy… busy being very blessed. I like to see the blessings in every day, it’s true, but God has been busy! I had so many things I wanted to write about, share with you – our Advent celebrations, our “family stocking,” our continued reading of “Destination: Bethlehem,” my kitchen remodel project, and so much more. But I couldn’t stop long enough to write any of it! The House Back in September, I shared what God was doing in our lives on the “home” front. I knew that God was going to do something soon

God Provides – And a Change

This is a very personal story for me, a pouring out of my heart. Some of you may not read it, but I hope you will. But here’s the “punchline:” Over the past two months God has provided, through this blog, all our curriculum needs for the year. Praise Him! Now we turn our attention, and income, toward a more pressing need, a home.  God Provides He always does. The story of our last dozen years or so can be summed up with “leaning on God for provision, almost daily, and being able to see Him provide again and again.”

Mother’s Journal, May 4

May the 4th be with you! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist! I always miss it… ;0) Starting this week I’ll be joining in something new, something called the Homeschool Mother’s Journal. It has “homeschool” in the title, but truly, it provides an opportunity for me to journal more than just homeschooling things from the week– sharing new recipes or pictures or links, painting a more complete picture of our week. I think it will be fun for us all! In my life this week… Illness, illness, illness!! Big Daddy was sick all weekend and guess what? He shared. Isn’t he sweet,

A New Church?

I’ve mentioned a little, bits and pieces, that we’ve been in a (long) process of finding a new church. I’ve tried a little here, a little there.. I’ve never really committed to anywhere.. I’m not really certain that this is “the one” or that we’ll end up committing to our “new church” either.. but I can say this: it looks like there’s potential. How’s that for vague? =p Hubs and I have taken the kids to a new church for the past 3 Sundays and we’ve all liked it pretty well. The incredible thing is that it’s quite a drive