Faith-Based Curriculum: By Design Science (1-8) Review

We love science.  For me, studying science reveals some of the amazing ways God left his fingerprints in this world he created. When you see how intricate and awe-inspiring the world really is, how complex and clever the design of everything around us, it’s as if creation itself calls out, “look here! See God here? And here??” My 12 year old son loves science, too. He finds it interesting and fascinating. Right now he’s particularly interested in energy, forces, motion, and other physics-related things. He’s also curious about chemistry, the elements, and other earth science things. Finding the right science

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Bible Lesson

You probably don’t normally think “Charlie Brown” when you think of Bible lessons. You probably don’t think “chalk art,” either, for that matter. Our small church body is in that place where we have a small class with a few students in a wide range of ages, and teaching to each age simultaneously can be a bit of a challenge. (Thankfully, I do have a smidge of experience in that department.) That said, I do like to think outside the box a little bit. I initially thought I’d do this Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Chalk Art Tutorial from Hodge Podge at home with my

Homeschool Economics Curriculum, Bible-Based from Christian Worldview

*Please read my disclosure at the end.* I remember very little from my high school Economics class. I do remember a pretty heavy discussion about how it is wrong to buy a dress, leave the tags on, wear it to a party, and return it the next day. We may have talked about credit cards and bank loans. I literally remember nothing else. Our country is full of the economically illiterate, and yes I think I would have to include myself in that lot. And here we are, homeschooling high school, and Economics is one of those things that we are

It Was A TOOTHBRUSH (Marriage Monday)

It was a toothbrush.  What I had done as a task of kindness was being used as a tool of division–that six inch toothbrush growing before our eyes to the size of a sword, a catapult, and then finally, a brick wall. How can a toothbrush cause so much trouble?  This incident took place last Monday–the same day that my husband started doing The Love Dare along with some accountability partners, to learn to love more like Jesus. (I’m reading along as well, but my husband didn’t know this at this point.) Do you know what the challenge for Day 1 is?

God Answers Prayer

Recently my husband and I were pleased to attend a 60th birthday party for a godly man that we know. At the party, friends and family were asked to share funny stories about him–and many did. But many also couldn’t resist sharing how God has used this man in their life somehow. I sat and listened and laughed and smiled at the funny stories and the wonderful testimonies until the end, when I was struck with a revelation of my own. Many years ago, from about 2005-2010, when my husband was fighting God and fighting hard–I prayed. I prayed many,

On Being a Pastor’s Wife

Eight months ago, I got a new hat. A new, unfamiliar, but really good hat. My new “Pastor’s Wife” hat was added to my closet next to my Mom Hat, Wife Hat, Homeschool Hat, and all the other hats I have. Of course I have some hats I haven’t worn in a while: the Home Canner Hat, the Artist Hat, and the Blogger Hat which gets inconsistent use these days. I pull them out every now and then, dust them off for a quick use and then put them away again. I have a lot of hats – figuratively speaking. Literally,