5 Ways to Support Your Favorite Blogs

Fellow blogger, Kim Sorgius from Not Consumed, is starting something, something good, and she’s inspired me. Did you know that a majority of blogs are abandoned within the first two years? In fact, 60-80% of new blogs are abandoned within the first two months! At least sixty percent of active bloggers have been blogging for more than 2 years but ONLY TWENTY PERCENT for more than six! You know what that makes me? An old geezer in the blogging world. I’ll be honest, it hasn’t be easy every step of the way, either. (There’s a lot that goes into it!)

Notebooking Publisher Launch Party on Facebook!

The minutes are ticking away and counting down to the Facebook party celebrating the launch of Notebooking Pages brand *NEW* Notebooking Publisher! If you aren’t familiar with the Notebooking Pages site, or if you haven’t yet had a chance to check out the new Notebooking Publisher web application — you really need to go check it out before you come to the party! Notebooking pages is a site chock full of free printable pages for notebooking anything you want, both blank and themed. If you choose to become a “Treasury Member” you have access to even more notebooking pages and

The “What’s What” in Facebook’s Latest Changes

WOW! Facebook really threw us for a loop this time. So many changes all at once have left many of us confused and wondering exactly how it works, and more importantly, where it has left our privacy settings. I’m one of those Facebookers that tries to keep things as private as possible. I realize that my “private” Facebook is still technically a “public” place, but I like to stay on top of security and privacy settings and make use of all the checkboxes and options that Facebook gives us to keep our content close at hand. I’m not saying I’ve

How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Blog or Site

A friend asked me, “How do I create a page for my blog?” I really thought I already had a blog post for that but guess what? I don’t! So here it is. Create a Page for Your Blog or Site in 3 Easy Steps. Step 1: Go to the “Create a Page” page. Click on the option of your choice. If you click on ‘Brand or Product’ you can choose the dropdown option ‘Website.’ If are also a writer, speaker or musician and you are making a page for your site or blog you might prefer to choose ‘Artist,

The Scoop on Facebook Places and Geotagging; How to Play It Safe Online

I’m not sure why the Facebook Places warning is circulating around Facebook again, but it is. The warning that’s going around this time is written in a rather panic-inciting tone, but as far as I can tell, Facebook places is the same as it was already. The warning makes it sound almost like just using Facebook is enough to give away your location. You actually have to use Facebook Places for it to show where you are. However, your friends can use Facebook Places and tag you (showing that you’re at X location also.) If you don’t want to use

3 Reasons Why I Purged Over 100 People From My Facebook Friends

I enjoy Facebook. I really do. In fact there have probably been too many days where I have spent too much time on that site. (And that’s not necessarily a good thing.) Facebook helps me: stay current with my mom, who – after living ten minutes away my kids’ whole lives – moved four hours away a few years ago. keep in touch or get in touch with other family members across the country likewise with good friends I don’t see as much as I’d like to in person On the other hand, Facebook also: helps me find people I’d