How to Facebook Party

Many of you have attended parties on Facebook before, but being a relatively new thing, many of the rest of you have not. No worries! It’s not hard. There are only a few things you need to know. If you don’t know how to Facebook party, this post is for you! 1.) The “party” happens on my Facebook page. I post questions, statements and links to giveaways —  discussion happens in the comments of the status updates.  For the quarterly Mommy Time party, I will actually be the last stop of the party, which will take place on three other

RSVP for Mommy Time Facebook Party, August 21st!

Last May I had the opportunity to attend the Mommy Time Facebook party (by Tabitha at Meet Penny) where we discussed great “Mom” things like helping our kids eat healthy and stay fit. The two-hour prize-filled party was so much fun. It’s my pleasure to announce that this month I will not only be ATTENDING the Mommy Time Party, but I will be HOSTING one of the four time zones on my Facebook page. Yes — FOUR. There will be a party at 8pm in every time zone! You don’t have to LIVE in that time zone to attend, but