Homeschooling the Extrovert, Part Two

Homeschooling the Extrovert, Part Two It may seem like an extra bit of a challenge to homeschool your social butterfly, but as we considered yesterday, it’s not too big of a challenge. You can do it!  Yes, your social butterfly will like to have many friends, and many things to go do with those friends. But as we discussed yesterday, it’s not essential that kids are with their friends all the time, or that they are going and doing things all the time. You can make sure they get their needs met, but one of those needs is also knowing

Homeschooling the Extrovert (Social Butterfly) – Part One

We’ve all heard the argument against homeschooling, “but what about socialization?”  Typically this argument really asks is, “but what about your kids turning into socially inept weirdos if they aren’t around normal kids all day?” (Go ahead, try to deny that, but that’s what that question REALLY means..) But what about the SOCIAL BUTTERFLY?  That’s a socialization horse of a different color.  Homeschooling the Extrovert (Social Butterfly) I recently had a good friend ask, “I am considering homeschooling my daughter, but she’s so SOCIAL, she needs a lot of social interaction!” My response: “Have you met MY social butterfly?!” Believe me –