10 Ways to Make Homeschool Fun

Ten random thoughts, off the top of my head, about making learning fun. (In no particular order.) How to Make Learning at Home Fun! Make things – This is one of my little boy’s FAVORITE things to do. After we learn about something, he wants to go make it–build it with legos, mold it with playdough, craft it with pipe cleaners… I’m trying to remember to encourage him to do this at least once a day! The girls aren’t as hands on as he is, but they love this, too. Sometimes we have experiments planned, and when we don’t, we

ABC’s of Homeschooling ~ X-periments!

This week is a double whammy of ABC goodness. Dawn wrapped W and X together in the same week and gave us the option of doing either – or both!! And yes, I cheated a little bit with the “X” part… but with our new “Experiment Box” and our first experiment of the box landing on TODAY.. on “X” week.. how could I pass it up?? In the past, I’ve had trouble being prepared enough to do right by our science experiments. It has been hard to make sure that we had all of our materials. It’s been difficult to

The Science of Jello

My 4 year old son has been obsessed with states of matter lately (thank you “Sid the Science Kid” and “Zula Patrol.”) He’s constantly pointing out “this is a solid,” and “that is a liquid.” And of course, since he’s four, he’s going to eventually follow up with some kind of “why” question. Like: “Momma, why do the eggs turn from a liquid to a solid when you cook them?” Uhhhhh…. … So it was bound to happen that while we were eating Jello my Little Prince would turn and ask, “Momma, is Jello a liquid or a solid?” Now