In Which I Attempt To Think About Curriculum: Our Faith-Based Eclectic Approach (With A Little Giveaway)

My brain is mush!! I can’t believe that it’s time for curriculum and new school years and all that. I. Can’t. Even. But, hey! There’s a teeny giveaway at the bottom of this post, so at least there’s that. As proof of my current brain-mush-state, I offer the evidence that I completely, totally, overlooked, missed, and forgot about my annual Back to (Home) School series in July. Brain. Mush. So I’m just going to attempt to get the curriculum list out of my head and written down here so I can come back and refer to it later. Okey-dokey? And

How to Naturally Work Geography Into Learning

How to Naturally Work Geography Into Learning We don’t teach geography here. Well, not as a separate class anyway. We could. We could spend time studying geography and drilling all the facts we’re learning. And when I first got started homeschooling that’s kind of what I thought we’d be doing. But as I found my homeschool footing, and I developed our relaxed, eclectic approach, I found that I prefer to work geography in naturally with our lessons, or through fun play. 1.) Games, Puzzles and More Games and puzzles are a great way to work geography in through fun. If

Everything You Need For Eclectic Homeschool History Curriculum

I’ve said that being an eclectic homeschooler doesn’t mean that you just throw a bunch of stuff together and hope it works. Every piece of curriculum is chosen, for a reason. However, I am going to admit that being an eclectic homeschooler does often mean that you have a large variety of materials at your disposal. (Because I like variety. And options.) That said, I do have a large variety of materials available to study History here at our house. I love History. I didn’t used to, no sir. But as an adult–I think it might be my favorite. And

WonderMaps for Relaxed Geography

*This post contains affiliate links.*  At the time of this writing, I was a WonderMaps Brand Ambassador. Though contractually I am no longer an Ambassador, I am still a voluntary promoter. What does this mean? I’ll explain that more in detail in a minute, but first, let me share why I chose to use WonderMaps for Relaxed Geography learning… How do you study Geography? Up until recently our study of geography has been very relaxed and natural, or “as we encounter it” through our other studies of history, science and literature. Even now that we have our North Star Geography book, we

10 Pros and Cons of Eclectic Homeschooling

The Sweet Side of Eclectic Homeschool (The Benefits) 1.)  You can tailor each child’s learning experience specific to their needs. Need a harder math and an easier grammar program? Or vice versa? Challenge your children in their strengths and provide extra support and time in their weaker areas. 2.) You have the ability to pursue your own interests. Unlike with an all in one boxed curriculum, you get to choose which history period or area of science you will study. We love our history and science programs so much I couldn’t imagine home school without them (Mystery of History and

Top Ten Signs You Might Be An Eclectic Homeschooler

There are LOTS of reasons why I choose eclectic homeschooling… I call myself a “Pick & Choose” homeschooler. {If you’re like me, you might be one, too!} So you might be a Pick & Choose Homeschooler IF: 1.) If someone asks what method you use and you begin your sentence with “Well, it’s like this….” If you need a paragraph to explain which homeschool method you use…Yep. You might be a Pick & Choose Homeschooler. In fact, I have a whole post, with lots of paragraphs! 2.) If you have trouble sticking to only one kind of method and you