How to: Taking Your Own Homeschool Senior Portraits

How to Take Your Own Homeschool Senior Portraits Taking your own homeschool senior portraits is a bit of a challenge but something you can totally pull off with some planning and effort. (This is something else we were trying to do in the middle of graduating early and planning a graduation and registering for classes.) Ideally, you won’t be trying to get all of these things done at once. Even if you do have more time to get this done, you’re still going to run into some challenges, learning curves, and hurdles. It turned out that one of our biggest

DIY Family Monogram Picture Frame Project

When we moved in to this house a year and a half ago, I quickly slapped a handful of family pictures up on the wall in the living room to cut down the bare walls and that was that. And that was a year and a half ago. And until last week, my picture wall still looked the same. Actually, the wall cling is new, from the Dollar Tree, and has been there for two months at the most. But that doesn’t count for much does it? I’ve been thinking about that picture wall. I mean, it’s not a priority,

Ultimate Homeschool Guide to Texas History

A comprehensive guide to studying Texas History. Learn where to find homeschool curriculum and unit studies or how to create your own Texas History homeschool curriculum.

Celebrating Advent 2011 ~ DIY Advent Candles & Calendar

What do candle votives, a metal tray, a can of blue spray paint, some clothes pins and a permanent marker have in common? Advent! Well, it does at MY house. ; ) Every year we create our own little set up for an Advent candle wreath and calendar. This year I thought about actually buying an Advent Candle wreath or candelabra. And I almost did… until I thought about a little votive set that my mother in law recently gave to me. It came with four votives on a bronze colored metal tray with some decorative gravel. It occurred to

Re-Doing My Dollar General Wall Art

Remember when I made my own wall plaques with dollar store frames, dollar ribbon and fancy letters from the printer? I’ve been happy with those wall plaques for the past year and a half, and though I have the ability to change it up quite easily, I’ve never really taken the initiative to do that. UNTIL NOW… Check out my new FALL themed wall decor!! ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ I don’t know about you — but I love it!!

When ya don’t got rain, make some!

Yes, it took me 5 Whole Seconds to come up with that lovely example of grammatical perfection you’ll find in that there title. =p A few days ago (5 to be exact,) we thought we might actually get a little helping of rain as a storm moved through our area of Texas. Inspired by Robin’s impromptu dance in the rain, and then Michelle’s example that followed, I asked the girls if they wanted to dance in the rain when it got here. “Dance in the rain??” “Sure, why not?” (I think they thought I must’ve flipped my lid: OUR mom