Come, Take a Tour

Welcome to Christmas at our house. It’s a little crazy in our house this time of year. But we make time for what matters (though Big Daddy and I might disagree on labeling a wreath as something that ‘matters.’) and we’re really getting into the spirit of things around here. Now, we do things a little differently in my house (Big Daddy and I will agree on that! — he raises an eyebrow at some of the things I do) but I’m sure you’ll find it all works together wonderfully for its purpose. 🙂 First off, we decorate a little

Celebrating Advent – Home Made Advent Calendar

This year we added an Advent calendar to our activities. I didn’t want to spend money on one so we made one. I found the idea online, and then I modified it to fit in with our needs. Making your own Advent Calendar with items you already have in your home!Collect: 12 toilet paper rolls (or 6 paper towel tubes, or any combination thereof.) Green construction paper. Poster paints. A large piece of cardboard, poster board, or thick finger painting paper. a ruler an exacto knife, box blade, or any other kind of straight blade scissors hot glue glue stick

Celebrating Advent – Our Traveling Nativity

Another Advent tradition we have here is our traveling nativity. A couple of years ago I purchased a really inexpensive set of resin nativity figures that looks like little children dressed up in costumes. It only includes one shepherd and one angel, but they’re very adorable. I also purchased a small wooden nativity stable at the same time that is decorated with straw and peat moss, etc. Each year we pull out the set and decide on a place for the stable. This year it’s on top of the tv. There’s a cow, and we go ahead and let him

Celebrating Advent – Our Christmas Tree

Here at our house, we really get into celebrating Advent. We are not Catholic; we celebrate Advent because we love it. Advent means “coming” and lasts all through December, and for some, until the day of Epiphany on January 6th. It’s a time to celebrate the coming of the Messiah two thousand years ago, to celebrate the coming of Christmas morning when we remember his birth , and to celebrate that Jesus will come again some day in the future. It’s a time of anticipation, and to that end, my family uses many different traditions to celebrate Advent in a