Used Homeschool Curriculum for Sale! K-6th

Used Homeschool Curriculum, Books, and Other Materials One of the trends I’ve noticed in homeschooling is the acquisition of lots of STUFF. We try different books, different methods, our kids have different needs, then they outgrow them… and we need to try to find a way to pass on these great but no longer necessary items. And let me tell you, I have a lot of great but no longer necessary items!! So if you see something here you’d like, then here’s the deal: I’ll send everything you want for the prices listed here, anywhere in the Unites States with

Curriculum Meltdown: Stop, Drop, and Roll

  Curriculum meltdown. It happens to best of us. Maybe it’s a slow fire that crackles and hisses, leaving a trail of ash behind. Or maybe it’s a five alarm fire that rages and roars. In either case, you’ve found yourself in a curriculum that isn’t working, doesn’t fit, or you just flat out don’t like. What do you do? Curriculum failure happens. First, let me say that “curriculum failure” doesn’t mean that the curriculum itself was “bad.” It also doesn’t mean that YOU failed. Curriculum failure just means that it didn’t work for you. And that’s okay. We have

Back to School 2016-2017: 11th, 8th, 5th Grade

Back to School 2016!! I can’t believe summer is over. I am unusually unready for the start of the school year–and my favorite season of the year (fall.) I don’t mean I’m not ready with curriculum or books or an organized school space (though, I’m not exactly prepared there, either.) I’ve been resting my heart and my mind this summer, taking an abnormally long summer break, delaying our start back to school, eliminating excess activities and tasks, and healing from a burnout. I’m not quite ready to dive back in to the chaos of the school year,.. and yet I

I Can’t Even Think About Back to School

*Post contains affiliate links.* I . Can’t. Even. Really. How in the world can I think about “Back to School” when I’m still trying to finish Summer School because we didn’t do enough during the school year last year?? If I think ahead, it’s overwhelming. I have to focus. I have to think about the here and now, the smalls goals, the “one bite at a time.” I have to think about the specific goals we have for the end of Summer School, the specific books that need to be finished so we can move on. How can I think

In Which I Attempt To Think About Curriculum: Our Faith-Based Eclectic Approach (With A Little Giveaway)

My brain is mush!! I can’t believe that it’s time for curriculum and new school years and all that. I. Can’t. Even. But, hey! There’s a teeny giveaway at the bottom of this post, so at least there’s that. As proof of my current brain-mush-state, I offer the evidence that I completely, totally, overlooked, missed, and forgot about my annual Back to (Home) School series in July. Brain. Mush. So I’m just going to attempt to get the curriculum list out of my head and written down here so I can come back and refer to it later. Okey-dokey? And

5 Curriculum Tips I’d Give Myself Of The Past

  If you could send a note back through time, what would you tell the “new homeschool mom” you?What would you specifically tell yourself about your curriculum choices? So much of the first few years (or five or seven) is about finding the right curriculum fit for your family. Wouldn’t it have been nice to find the right fit right off the bat? (Were you one of the lucky ones that did?) I look back over the years to see what we began with and look at what we’re using now and– I see nothing that’s the same. =) That’s