Currclick Freebie – Root & Compound Words

This week’s freebie at Currclick: A root and compound word unit, 14 pages, based on the Dick and Jane reader, Friends Old and New. It doesn’t say what age or grade but I’d say it’s good for 1st and 2nd graders, depending on your child’s reading level. Click on the image below to get it free! See everything by this publisher here.

Currclick Freebie: Multiplication Game

Another weekly freebie from Currclick: A multiplication game by, I’ve downloaded it myself to play with Drama Queen, who is just beginning to learn about multiplication. If I like it, I It’s the first in a series, and if it works well for us we could pick up more advanced levels for Princess and Drama Queen to play together, providing Princess with with a little bit of extra practice.

Friday Fun: Tell a Story

Oh it’s been YEARS since I’ve done something like this (high school in fact.) I always had fun with these.. yeah, I was a bit of a nerd, what can I say? Inspired by Currclick’s giveaway and blog hop (check out the Currclick blog to see how you can enter to win a $20 GC to their site – ends at 10pm EST tonight, Friday the 29th!!) I’ve decided to start my OWN story and join up. Why not? So I’ll start a story, and you’ll add to it in a comment, and the next person will add, and so

Curr-Click Freebie of the Week: Organize Your Homeschool

This week’s Curr-Click freebie is a ebook called “Organize Your Homeschool” by LeBedz Publishing. Their summary: “Does it take you half an hour to find the grammar book each morning? Do the kids take five minutes to find and sharpen a pencil? Many people ask, “Why bother to organize? It is too much work!” That has an easy answer: organization equals peace and consistency! In addition, I think that it is much less work to teach in an organized space than to try to find space and tools to teach every day. You reap what you sow: sow peace and