The Crossmaker – Easter Art DVD from See the Light

Celebrating Easter A few years back, God put it on my heart to begin celebrating and spending as much time on Easter as we do for Christmas. The events we celebrate through both of these are equally important for the fulfillment of God’s plan for salvation – and they shine of His Glory! We were using Advent to celebrate our Savior’s birth but what were we doing to meditate on His sacrifice and celebrate His resurrection? Out of that came our “12 Days of Easter.” Every year looks a little different and we’re still working toward the same kind of

Sewing, Some Canning, and a Science Museum!

We had THE BEST WEEK. Wait until you see everything we did! It was full to the brim with goodness. In my life this week… Ever feel like God just rained goodness down for no apparent reason? That’s how I feel about this past week. I have definitely recovered from being sick, I have my energy and strength and motivation back. We got back to work on doing school, we recovered from the house mess that happens when mom is down for the count, and we did some very fun things this week. Wednesday my mother-in-law came over to teach