How to be crafty and artsy.. when you’re really NOT.

Welcome back as we continue our 10 Days of Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Homeschooling! Arts and crafts and projects – Oh my!! Craft projects are the kind of thing that either really excite people,.. or really scare them! Which one are you? Today Nicole from Fill My Cup offers up a ray of hope for the not-so-crafty crowd. ~~ Hope… for the Creatively Challenged When I first debated home schooling my children, I knew I had the background to school them from 3rd grade on up. My fear, however, was the primary years. I met many home school

Thirteen Things You Can Make With Flour

It’s no secret flour is a major staple in any kitchen. And yet for many years of our marriage I rarely had it on hand. As if you needed any further proof that you ought to keep plenty of flour on hand (or in case you do) here’s a list of some things you can do with all purpose flour. Thirteen Things You Can Make With Flour Look below to check out these five fun flour recipes: Natural and Safe Playing Dough Homemade Glue Paste Homemade Clay (Air Dry or Bake) DIY Flour Fingerpaint Simple and Safe Cloud Dough Then

Free & Frugal Thanksgiving Resources for the Savvy Homeschooler

Meaningful Thanksgiving Celebrations, Frugally I love holidays! Thanksgiving is one of my favorites. Many years ago the kids and I recreated an authentic Thanksgiving meal. The following year, we made American Indian costumes to wear while we ate a traditional meal. All of our research and ideas came from the internet, free of charge! With a little bit of creativity you can go Thanksgiving CRAZY without going “spend crazy.” From recipes to crafts to decorations to lesson plans to movies to costumes.. there is an abundance of free and frugal Thanksgiving holiday ideas to help you save money, learn about Thanksgiving, practice thankfulness, study

Give-Thanks-Giving: Holiday Crafts and Fun Stuff

The most fun part about the holidays as far as  my kids are concerned is the crafts, the decorating and the activities. Well, unless there are presents. But otherwise it the crafts and fun stuff. To be honest, I quite like it, too. And I always like finding new crafts and ideas online to keep things fresh & exciting. The kids and I are doing something new this year and they are all going to Thanksgiving dinner dressed as indians. Oh yes they are. We’ve already made our necklaces and bracelets. Over the course of the week they are going

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins: Crafts, recipes and more!

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween – they’re good ALL SEASON LONG! I think pumpkins have more to do with the autumn harvest – even though they’re used for both the jack-o-lanterns and the common shape for the trick or treat bags. But Pumpkins are a common fall harvest vegetable, good for Halloween, Thanksgiving and all through the fall. They’re good for baking, decorating, and yes – for jack-o-lanterns, too. For many years, I’ve bought and painted pumpkins – it’s easier than carving, the pumpkin lasts longer, and it disassociated with the Halloween jack-o-lantern. Any kind of acrylic paint will work,

Hallow-What? : A Halloween Special

Halloween: What’s a Christian to do? Halloween. A holiday rooted in ancient pagan (meaning non-Christian) traditions, transformed by modern society into a garish and brightly colored parade of children in search of a good take. Every major tradition and symbol (the jack-o-lantern, the phrase “trick-or-treat”) represents the holiday’s origins. Commercialism has taken that and run with it, of course. By late September, consumers can find Halloween costumes, treat bags, decorations and other paraphernalia lining the store shelves, serving as a constant reminder that Halloween is coming and we need to be ready for it. While many Christians know exactly where