3 Tips for Kitchen Cleaning That Save Time & Money

3 Kitchen Cleaning Tips to Save Time and Money I’m not a fan of cleaning the kitchen, but I do like have a clean one. It stands to reason, then, that I must do the first to get the second. If you’re like me and you want a clean kitchen as easily and frugally as possible, you might be looking for ways to save time and money while doing it. These three kitchen tips were originally posted here back in the very early days of my blogging. While cleaning up the clutter and crumbs that accumulate from so many years

How to Save Smelly Towels

Post contains affilate links. Why do towels get so smelly?? You dry off your clean body with them–so what’s the deal?? Water.  Apparently, it comes down to the water.  Bacteria + Water = Bad. See, when moisture gets left inside of fabric, bacteria breeds. And when bacteria breeds, it stinks. And because the main purpose of a good towel is to act as a fluffy skin squeegee, it deals with moisture all day long. One of two things happens: The towel doesn’t get properly hung to dry completely The towels don’t get thoroughly dried in the dryer before removal. It only

Sonic Scrubbers – A Review

I don’t do a lot of reviews here, I’m sure you noticed. But a couple of months ago, following my post about our 20 Minute Clean-Ups, I was offered a free Sonic Scrubber set to try out and review. I’ve seen them before but I’d never actually purchased one and satisfied my curiosity. But as I read the review offer it occurred to me, “Hey, this could be a good way to encourage the kids to clean.” I like getting the kids to clean. The time was actually pretty great because we were just about to embark on our three week

Bye Bye Pig Sty

I’m tired. I’m sick and tired of feeling like we’re covering the same ground every day. Bottom line is we have bad habits. If we (the kids mostly but James and I do it, too) didn’t leave stuff out we wouldn’t have to put it away later. If I cleaned up the kitchen right after a meal, I wouldn’t have to come back and do it later when the food was starting to stick or worse, not have enough dishes or room to cook breakfast the next morning. I could go on and on and on. More than a clean

Burning the Midnight Oil, Part 2

Recently, I mentioned one late night where I stayed up cleaning after my family had gone to bed. Inspired by that success, I was prompted to continue that habit – only not so late and before my hubby went to bed. 😉 I have to say that I’ve developed a habit of cleaning in the kitchen (mainly, but sometimes the living room and bathroom) in the evenings after my children are in bed, after a short time of unwinding and surfing the internet and while listening to a sermon on podcast or some worship music (or sometimes a missed tv