Never-ending Housework

You’ve seen the memes. “The NeverEnding Story as a kid: a kid’s movie. The never ending story as an adult: THE LAUNDRY PILE.” The meme is successful because it’s true. Being “done” with laundry, or dishes, or mopping, is a short-lived victory. As soon as you finish cleaning the kitchen you realize the dirty washcloth and hand towel need to go in the laundry. No sooner do you mop the floor than a cup of juice gets spilled, a muddy dog walks through, or a trash bag leaks. It’s a continuous cycle. “Done” is elusive. Early this morning, just before

Teaching Kids To Do Their Own Laundry?

I’m posting over at Successful Homemakers today about teaching kids to do their own laundry. Our laundry pile is always better when I follow these 6 habit tips (and worse when I don’t!) Come talk kids and laundry with me. =) —-> Teaching Kids to Be Responsible for Their Own Laundry <—-

Motivated Moms Code & Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Motivated Moms Code,..and Ovarian Cancer Awareness September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Ovarian cancer is something that Susan, from Motivated Moms, cares deeply about — since it claimed the life of her business partner and friend, Deann Polanco. I don’t know much about ovarian cancer.. but if you follow Motivated Moms on Facebook, Susan will be sharing information with us throughout the month of September. More than that, Susan is also donating a portion of all sales from September to ovarian cancer charities. Now through September first, use the discount code for $1 off and contribute to the cause. Simply

Motivated Moms Planner App {Review}

One of the common struggles for homeschooling moms is keeping up with housework while getting school done, spending time with the family, and doing everything else in between. This is certainly no exception at our house! As we head into the new school year (with more advanced work for Princess) and as I invest more time on my blog, the more I need something to help me stay on top of things. Enter: The Motivated Moms Planner. I need to work smarter, not harder. What is Motivated Moms? Have you heard of the printable Motivated Moms Planner? I’ve been using

Sonic Scrubbers – A Review

I don’t do a lot of reviews here, I’m sure you noticed. But a couple of months ago, following my post about our 20 Minute Clean-Ups, I was offered a free Sonic Scrubber set to try out and review. I’ve seen them before but I’d never actually purchased one and satisfied my curiosity. But as I read the review offer it occurred to me, “Hey, this could be a good way to encourage the kids to clean.” I like getting the kids to clean. The time was actually pretty great because we were just about to embark on our three week

20 Minute Clean-Up

Every now and then I come up with something that’s REALLY good. Most of the time I come up with good ideas and they’re good for a little while and then our needs and abilities change and we need a new idea. (Sometimes I come up with ideas that seem good at first glance but really aren’t feasible but that’s beside the point..) But every now and then I think up a real golden nugget of an idea. This is one of those golden nugget ideas. I really think so. I give you our: 20 Minute Clean-Up The basic idea