A Guide List for Minecraft Gifts

A Guide List for Minecraft Gifts Raise your hand if your kids like Minecraft? All three of my kids do, and most of their friends as well. Even though it’s been popular for several years, the interest hasn’t died down. So for my third and final gift list post, of course I have to wrap up with a list of Minecraft gifts! I even got my son in on this one, asking for his input on some of the gift suggestions, and getting him to send some screen shots of a current project he’s working on (some kind of eccentric house

A Super Gift Guide for Marvel Fans

Where are my fellow Marvel fans? Marvel heroes are one of our geeky fandoms here. So it only seems fitting to draft up a SUPER gift guide for Marvel fans. We like to watch the Avengers movies, the X-Men, and Spider-Man, too. We watch The Flash and Arrow on tv, too (which I know are D.C. and not Marvel–we like them both.) And while I’m not particular to any one character, my 16 year old is a huge Iron Man fan. We are definitely Team Stark! If you’ve got a Marvel fan in your house, too, I’ve pulled together a

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus Giveaway

Mommy Time Party, “Christ-Centered Holidays” With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to start feeling like you’re losing focus. Even as you lead your kids through the crafty and well planned activities, you may begin to feel that you need a little something more for Mom, to fill your own heart so you can fill theirs. If it’s a purposeful and thoughtful approach you seek, Nancy Guthrie’s “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus” may be what you’re looking for. Door Prize #3 – Come Thou Long Expected Jesus “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus” is an anthology

The Family Book of Advent Giveaway

Mommy Time Party, “Christ-Centered Holidays” Waiting for Christmas can be HARD sometimes! Celebrating Advent is a really good way to count down to Christmas as you celebrate and glorify Jesus Christ. The Family Book of Advent is a good tool to help you do both! One special mom will be blessed with her own copy of The Family Book of Advent, thanks to Carol Garborg of Faith Family-Style. Door Prize #4 – Family Book of Advent The family book of Advent is an Advent devotional and activity book all rolled into one. Recommended for ages 4-9, it contains family devotions,

Truth in the Tinsel eBook Giveaway

Mommy Time Party, “Christ-Centered Holidays” Celebrating Advent is quickly becoming a popular way of keeping the holiday season Christ-Centered. Advent (which means ‘coming’) celebrates both Christ’s coming as a child, and alsoHise return at the end of the age. Many people feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to learn how to ‘”do” Advent, but it doesn’t have to be all that complicated. Door Prize #2 – The Truth in the Tinsel The Truth in the Tinsel is an “Advent experience” ebook written by Amanda White, author of the blog “Oh Amanda.” With 24 days of scripture reading and ornament

Jesus iWitness Giveaway

Mommy Time Party, “Christ-Centered Holidays” We’re talking Christ-Centered Holidays for the Mommy Time Party, and what better way to spend time thinking about Jesus at Christmas than to read about him? Jesus iWitness is more than a story – it’s pictures, history, facts and culture. Jesus iWitness paints a picture of what Jesus’ life would have been like in the first century. Two blessed moms will win their own copy of Jesus iWitness for Christmas this year. Door Prize #1 – Jesus iWitness Apologia is giving away 2 copies of Jesus iWitness by Doug Powell for the Mommy Time Party!