10 Christian Film Industry Movies You Should Watch

*This post contains affiliate links.* My husband is something of a Christian movie buff. He watches anything he finds, not just on Netflix but frequently buying the DVDs (sometimes before watching them!,) and my introverted husband even wants to watch them in the theater when they come out if he can make it. And sure, some of them are better made than others, but he knows that if we support the Christian film industry and small production companies in their infancy, they will grow to bigger and better things. You can see this at work with the Kendrick brothers, and the significant improvement

NOAH Movie: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Not that long ago, the movie that everyone was talking about was Disney’s latest release, “Frozen.” Many raved, many shrugged and some voiced concerns over perceived underlying messages–most notably that they felt there was some kind of gay agenda behind the song, “Let it Go.” (Although, many others also spoke out against those claims stating they perceived nothing of the sort.) It’s hard in cases like these to judge whether those are opinions that have been rightly formed until you’ve actually seen the movie in question. And for those who are curious, after I was ultimately coerced into finally watching

Hallow-What? : A Halloween Special

Halloween: What’s a Christian to do? Halloween. A holiday rooted in ancient pagan (meaning non-Christian) traditions, transformed by modern society into a garish and brightly colored parade of children in search of a good take. Every major tradition and symbol (the jack-o-lantern, the phrase “trick-or-treat”) represents the holiday’s origins. Commercialism has taken that and run with it, of course. By late September, consumers can find Halloween costumes, treat bags, decorations and other paraphernalia lining the store shelves, serving as a constant reminder that Halloween is coming and we need to be ready for it. While many Christians know exactly where

Ask more questions…

…You might learn something. I’ve always tended to be a person that didn’t ask enough questions. Or at least the right ones. For example, I called the dance studio when there was ice to see if my daughter’s class was canceled, but I did not think to ask whether or not she would able to make the class up on another day. In the past I have had doctors who would simply hand me a prescription after peeking in my ears, nose and throat – without offering a diagnosis — and my initial reaction was to say “okay.” It would