Jesus iWitness Giveaway

Mommy Time Party, “Christ-Centered Holidays” We’re talking Christ-Centered Holidays for the Mommy Time Party, and what better way to spend time thinking about Jesus at Christmas than to read about him? Jesus iWitness is more than a story – it’s pictures, history, facts and culture. Jesus iWitness paints a picture of what Jesus’ life would have been like in the first century. Two blessed moms will win their own copy of Jesus iWitness for Christmas this year. Door Prize #1 – Jesus iWitness Apologia is giving away 2 copies of Jesus iWitness by Doug Powell for the Mommy Time Party!

Our Advent Journey Begins – “Destination: Bethlehem” Review

Our Advent Begins! Advent officially begins December 2nd, but since we like to make our own rules we began our Advent readings early. When we got our copy of “Destination: Bethlehem” in the mail we didn’t want to wait–so we dove right in! The kids snuggled up with me and we took off on an interesting trip through ancient Palestine. Destination: Bethlehem Destination: Bethlehem is a wonderful little Advent story written by mother/daughter team Sharon Altman and Christine Winkelman. It’s actually a two-part story about two separate boys who travel through ancient Palestine on a journey that ends in the