Training Your Children In Home Economics {Review}

Kids. Chores. Allowances. Home Economics. They all go together, right? Seems to me that training your children in Home Economics is the logical solution to teaching them how to pitch in and work around the house. What I like about taking this approach is that it’s about more than just getting the work done, it’s about instilling these skills and abilities in our kids so they can run their own homes one day. Confession… I have to confess that training my children to be successful adults is not always first and foremost on my mind. This is probably the biggest

You Rule chores App {Review}

Most kids don’t like chores. Well, I know for sure that MY kids don’t! If we’re really honest, I’ll admit that I don’t care much for chores either. But I *do* like the end result. I love a clean and comfortable room. I also like taking care of my family, being responsible and honoring God. This is my motivation and I’m teaching my kids that these are the reasons behind why they need to do their chores, too. We’ve tried a variety of systems for chores, with or without allowances. We’re *surviving* but our chore system can stand some improvement.

Motivated Moms Planner App {Review}

One of the common struggles for homeschooling moms is keeping up with housework while getting school done, spending time with the family, and doing everything else in between. This is certainly no exception at our house! As we head into the new school year (with more advanced work for Princess) and as I invest more time on my blog, the more I need something to help me stay on top of things. Enter: The Motivated Moms Planner. I need to work smarter, not harder. What is Motivated Moms? Have you heard of the printable Motivated Moms Planner? I’ve been using

Review: “Kids, Chores & More” (Getting kids to do their chores.)

Getting kids to do their chores is a struggle many parents face. We’ve been up and down with this struggle ourselves, going through good phases and bad phases as things change and grow. Every parent wants to teach their child to be responsible and have a good work ethic but many simply just don’t know where to start. Judy Helm Wright of Artichoke Press is a mother of six and an author of more than 20 books including “Kids, Chores & More: How to Get Your Kids to Help at Home“– a detailed but approachable ebook about doing less for

RSVP for Mommy Time Facebook Party, August 21st!

Last May I had the opportunity to attend the Mommy Time Facebook party (by Tabitha at Meet Penny) where we discussed great “Mom” things like helping our kids eat healthy and stay fit. The two-hour prize-filled party was so much fun. It’s my pleasure to announce that this month I will not only be ATTENDING the Mommy Time Party, but I will be HOSTING one of the four time zones on my Facebook page. Yes — FOUR. There will be a party at 8pm in every time zone! You don’t have to LIVE in that time zone to attend, but

Danger: Quicksand Ahead

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I feel better. I just had to get that out. For the past month I’ve been holding it in, I haven’t had time to blog much because everything else is so crazy! I feel like I need to pause Today. Can we PAUSE Today? For like, maybe 48 hours? That would be awesome. Why have I been feeling this way? What’s changed? NORMAL changed. Normal flew out the window. There’s a new Normal in town. It’s a GOOD Normal, but it’s a NEW one and new Normal messed with old Routine. Old Routine just isn’t cutting it anymore. SIONARA