Celebrating Advent 2011 ~ DIY Advent Candles & Calendar

What do candle votives, a metal tray, a can of blue spray paint, some clothes pins and a permanent marker have in common? Advent! Well, it does at MY house. ; ) Every year we create our own little set up for an Advent candle wreath and calendar. This year I thought about actually buying an Advent Candle wreath or candelabra. And I almost did… until I thought about a little votive set that my mother in law recently gave to me. It came with four votives on a bronze colored metal tray with some decorative gravel. It occurred to

Celebrating Advent 2011

And so Advent begins!! We will definitely, as in previous years, be celebrating Advent at our house. And I will be, as in previous years, blogging about it as much as possible. Last year we really went for a simplified approach for several reasons. This year I hope to bring back a few traditions from seasons past. I’ve got several things planned, but I thought I’d start this year off with some links to posts from Advents gone before. If you’ve never read any of my Advent posts,  if you’re wondering what this is all about, or what Advent is..