Bookcases and Babysitting Classes – Last Week Wrap-Up

Hey, y’all! I have a lot of goodies to share from last week, which turned out to be a very busy but really good week overall. Come check it out.. Around the house… It’s been really, REALLY, hot here in Texas lately. And we are still one more step away from getting our central air conditioner hooked up and running so we are surviving with a few window air conditioners until then. I haven’t been quite as productive as I’d have liked to have been, but I did accomplish getting another bookcase purchased, put together and set up in our

Home Canned: Peach Mango Drink Concentrate

My mom is on a drink concentrate kick (and I get to benefit!) One of my many goals in canning is to stock my pantry with simpler homemade versions of treats that we enjoy. Instead of buying soda or koolaid, we can make canned drink concentrates for special treats. Concentrates are made with fruit, lemon or lime juice and sugar. Yes, it has sugar in it (and the regular recipe calls for quite a bit,) but you can cut the sugar back as much as you want, or you can also use either Splenda or Stevia. The plus side is

Home Canned Pasta Sauce

Until a few weeks ago I’d never eaten homemade pasta sauce (let alone home CANNED pasta sauce.) NEVER. I’ve always bought canned sauce from the store. After making and trying homemade pasta sauce I feel like my tastebuds have been cheated for the past 33 years. Seriously. Our first batch of pasta sauce didn’t last very long so this week I helped my mom make some more! For this batch we used Mrs. Wages Pasta Sauce mix. Scoring the ends of the roma tomatoes and blanching them makes the skins slip right off. Look – see? Naked tomatoes. Blend them

Mother’s Journal ~ June 1, 2012

May is over! Where did it go?? In my life this week… We now begin our last month of the school year (and we’re ALL looking forward to the summer break! When you started getting to the ends of the books you start getting a bit antsy! PLUS.. I really need to devote some serious time to some serious deep-housecleaning.) =) This week we celebrated my aunt’s 50th birthday with a family gathering on Memorial Day. We had a very good Ladies Bible Study meeting at church on Tuesday; I’m having a blessed and wonderful time plugging in and getting

What we learned from canning.

My mother and I are learning to can our fresh produce. We’ve had two canning sessions so far–the first time we canned salsa and yesterday we canned pickles, pickled carrots and grapes. Yesterday was quite the learning experience. ; ) Here’s what we’ve learned so far: 1.) The FIRST thing we need to do is to put our water bath on to boil – it takes a long time for that big pot to get hot enough!! 2.) That REALLY BIG POT can only get so hot without the lid on. Put the lid on – that thing will BOIL.