WFMW – Children’s Calendar

“Momma! What are we going to do tomorrow?” “Momma! When is ballet?” “Mmooooommmmaaa… is tomorrow church?” Isn’t it amazing how children everywhere know how to say “Momma” with just the right tone of voice, pitch, and volume to make a mother cringe instantly? Depending on how they wield that wordly weapon they can make you want to run or hide or raise your blood pressure in a heartbeat. Every mother I know has momentarily considered changing her name to be “Momma” no more. My children are no different. My children are particularly interested in our daily doings. Where we are

Celebrating Advent – Home Made Advent Calendar

This year we added an Advent calendar to our activities. I didn’t want to spend money on one so we made one. I found the idea online, and then I modified it to fit in with our needs. Making your own Advent Calendar with items you already have in your home!Collect: 12 toilet paper rolls (or 6 paper towel tubes, or any combination thereof.) Green construction paper. Poster paints. A large piece of cardboard, poster board, or thick finger painting paper. a ruler an exacto knife, box blade, or any other kind of straight blade scissors hot glue glue stick