Life With Braces

Daily Life for Princess is now divided into many little segments of taking out and putting rubber bands, cutting food into little bites, brushing-flossing-rinsing and repeating, repeating, repeating. How’s she doing? She’s doing pretty good. She misses gum. She’s already tired of cutting things into little bites and she’s already planning a “No More Braces” dinner for the day she gets her braces off chock-full of favorite foods she can’t eat right now.. nevermind that date is 15 months in the future! Overall she’s doing well, her mouth is adjusting. She’s become a pro at getting her rubber band on

The *B* Word.

BRACES. We’ve known for a long time (pretty much always) that Princess was going to need braces. We had no idea. The overbite was obvious. What wasn’t so obvious was the cross bite (the right side of her teeth don’t meet right, or much at all) and the deep bite (the front teeth on her lower jaw are significantly higher/taller than her molars). Princess’ diagnosis is a Class II Division I Malocclusion. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to see with children who were habitual thumb suckers.. except she never was. She’s always been this way. My mom swears