When a Boy Wants a Pet Lizard

Boyz. After having two girls, sometimes my son throws me for a loop. I hear from my mother-in-law (who had three boys) that my son is a lot like his father when he was younger. But even though I sometimes don’t understand him, he always makes life more interesting and entertaining. So only having one boy, I don’t know if it’s a generic boy trait or just a personality trait that leads my son to a room cleaning method that lacks, well, any resemblance to actual cleaning. For most of his almost eight years of life, he hasn’t really been

A Moment of Bad Parenting Weakness

You know that age old rule: “Don’t laugh when your child does something wrong no matter how terribly cute or funny it is”? I broke that rule today. Shoot, I took a sledgehammer and smashed it all to smithereens when I turned to hubs saying “Watch him! Do it again for Daddy!” A teensy moment of bad parenting.. I’m not perfect. My son may have thrown all table manners to the wind when he took off the top piece of bread to his sandwich, held the other half in his hands and then dove in face first, nom-nom-nommed on the

Popinay, Savvy, Pirates and a Sparrow

As soon as I hear the word “savvy” I get the image of Jack Sparrow flashing to mind, making some kind of witty or absurd statement and then asking, “Savvy??” Perhaps this is because we’ve seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movies a combined total of about 3 million, 257 seven thousand, 4 hundred and 2 times. At least. And this is because I have a four year old pirate-crazy boy. Which is fine by me because I like the pirates. (Or maybe I just like pirates that look like Orlando Bloom, whichever the case may be.) At any rate,