12 Children’s Books Made Into Movies, K-2nd

If you have a kid who prefers NOT to read, then you know my struggle. I love to read and it pains me so to see books discarded after a half-hearted attempt. I’ve been intrigued by this idea of pairing a Book and a Movie for some time now, (thanks, Ticia!,) and after seeing a few more posts about this sort of thing I’ve finally decided to put it into action this summer. The idea is to read the book FIRST, and once the book has been read, have a family movie night to watch the movie. <– That’s the plan

Party with Usborne Books! (Review)

How much do I like books? You should know that answer by now…have you seen our bookshelves? 😉 And that’s not even all the books that we own, only the ones that belong in the school area. As I said, we like books. So, naturally, a Mommy Time Party about fun things for homeschoolers and back to school stuff is going to include some books right? We have several favorite series and publishers, but today I’d like to introduce you to Usborne Books–and my friend and Usborne consultant, Jeni. Jeni’s going to be giving away a book and a gift certificate

10 Great Books for the Homeschool Mom

Hey, homeschool mom. As you’re making out your wishlist for the new school year, happily plunking books for the kids in your virtual shopping basket,..have you stopped to peruse some books for yourself? I know, I know, you don’t have time to read right? (Neither do I. Truth is, I fit it in a page here, a few pages there. It’s hard work!) But it’s also true that we need encouragement, truth, and education, too. There are tons of books out there, and I’m sure there are plenty of great ones that I haven’t read and won’t list here today.

Connecting Church And Home (Tim Kimmel) – My Review

“Know what this book is about?” I asked my husband. “Umm, connecting church and home?” he guessed. Yes, he’s humorous. If you were just passing by and glanced at this book on a shelf, you might not get much more than that, either. Yes, this book is about bringing the church and the home together and uniting them with a common goal–but there is so much more packed inside this tiny book than first impressions may give. For me, the timing of receiving this book was impeccable. But then, God always has great timing. Connecting Church & Home: A Grace-Based

12 Days of Easter ~ Books for Easter

We like to collect holiday related books. So far we have St. Patrick, Easter, Thanksgiving, Fall, Christmas, Advent, and even a Hannukah book! We’re still building our library. (We might finish about the time we don’t need them anymore.) ;0) I really enjoy finding great books that share the history or the reason for holidays, and usually the kids are quite content and amiable to sitting and listening to a children’s story. Then we get to have a good discussion about the symbolism behind the story and what it means. I’m not original, I know, I didn’t create the “teach

10 Books I’m Reading Right Now (True Story)

Ever suddenly find yourself in the middle of too many books? (IS there such a thing as “too many?” Sometimes I wonder..) True story, I counted and I’m in the middle of TEN. (Well, technically if you count up all the books I’m “in the middle of” and haven’t finished in the past few years, I’m in the middle of a whole lot more than that!) But I’m in the middle of ten right now that I plan on finishing very soon! Books I’m Reading The Missing Link: Found (The Truth Seekers Mystery Series, Vol. 1) – reading aloud to