ABC’s of Homeschooling ~ Documentaries

Oh, Netflix. I adore Netflix (even after the price hike – we use it enough we’re still getting a good deal.) One of the many things we watch on Netflix are documentaries. I adore documentaries. So do my kids. Mostly. We use documentaries to supplement in areas we’re already learning about, learn about new things we’re just curious about, or my favorite-for educational “entertainment” on teacher sick days. Yes. You heard that right. Having a sick day? Pick out a documentary. Everyone find a cushion, open your ears, clothes your mouths and enjoy! Documentaries can be a bit tricky though…

Apologia Meet & Greet ~ Meet Clay Clarkson!

**Closed, winner will be drawn shortly!** Hello my bloggy peeps! Come in and sit a spell, I have someone I want you to meet. (And there’s a giveaway at the end of this, so you’d better not scurry off too fast!) This week the Apologia media team has paired twelve homeschooling bloggers with twelve homeschooling authors for a great big Apologia Meet & Greet Blog Hop. One of the best things about talking with Apologia over the past couple of months is that I’ve had the opportunity to step outside of my tiny little homeschool bubble and discover some really

Free Audio Download, “Don’t Waste Your Life” by Piper

Hey, check out this month’s free download from Christian Audio! Free Download! Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper read by Lloyd James No coupon code required! Expiration: November 30, 2010 Buy in print from for $9.99. Download the PDF study guide! This is one of those books that I have on my bookshelf, that I have started reading, that I WILL finish one day soon! But you can get the audio version free, with no catch! **The Amazon link is an affiliate link. If you decide to buy the print version from, I will receive a very

Books, Books, Books!

My ten year old is an avid reader and believe it or not, one of the things she requested for her birthday was more books. Books, books, books! My grandmother and her brother obliged and chipped in together on some spending money for the bookstore. (For both girls, since Drama Queen’s birthday was just a month ago.) Yesterday we went to a local bookstore that sells both used and new books and turned the kids loose. Well..we didn’t turn them LOOSE. We made them stay in the kids’ section and we steered them away from coloring books. ;0) The Princess

Hallow-What? : A Halloween Special

Halloween: What’s a Christian to do? Halloween. A holiday rooted in ancient pagan (meaning non-Christian) traditions, transformed by modern society into a garish and brightly colored parade of children in search of a good take. Every major tradition and symbol (the jack-o-lantern, the phrase “trick-or-treat”) represents the holiday’s origins. Commercialism has taken that and run with it, of course. By late September, consumers can find Halloween costumes, treat bags, decorations and other paraphernalia lining the store shelves, serving as a constant reminder that Halloween is coming and we need to be ready for it. While many Christians know exactly where

My Reading List for Edification for 2009

I’ve tried this before. Ya know, making a reading list for the new year. It didn’t work so well. But I’m trying again. Anyway. So there. I already have more than enough unread (and unfinished!) books on my shelf to read a different one each month. So that’s the plan. The first one, I’m actually already a couple chapters into, so it should be an easy start, right? January ~ The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace * February ~ Praise Her in the Gates by Nancy Wilson March ~ Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss * April ~ A