10 Blogging goals for 2010

Thinking about the new year ahead, looking back on the year we’re wrapping up, I’ve mapped out some simple goals for this blog for 2010. You non-bloggers might shake your head and think, “geez, that’s awfully serious, it’s just a blog!” On the contrary, the main focus of most of these goals is to help me “keep it real” so to speak. How am I going to try to do that this year?? Ten Blogging Goals For 2010 1.) Blog more personally, more relationally. I enjoy blogging more when I share funny stories about the kids, pictures of things we’re

Tackling Blog Stuff

Oh yes, I may have been a little quiet on the blog over the past two holiday weeks, but I have busy behind the scenes whenever I get a spare moment. I’ve been tackling some long overdue blog issues and “stuff.” The main thing you’ll notice is The Disclosure page, which after many revisions and tweaks I’m finally very happy with. I’ve also finally settled some wordpress upgrade issues and installed Google Analytics on all the separate domains but that’s boring stuff. ; ) I still have a few other boring things to tackle before the new year, I’m trying

Classic Housewife, Celebrating One Year With Give-Thanks-Giving!

It’s been a whole year! It kind of seems odd to be celebrating one year, after I’ve been blogging for so long! Especially since this blog is the conglomeration of the the three previous blogs. However, one can’t really count those previous years, can they? So as much as it may seem like a step backward, it’s really a step forward! Happy anniversary, little blog! Little did I realize as I was working on my new blog over the Thanksgiving holiday a year ago (Yes, I took my laptop to the turkey dinner at my mother-in-law’s house!) that from now

Come Shoot the Breeze with Me!

Hello friends! The holiday weekend is upon us – got plans? We don’t, but I may make some impromptu plans to visit with my inlaws over at their house to enjoy their pool, their grill and their company. Tomorrow is my birthday but my family will all be engaged in this other really big thing so we could also throw a bday cake into the mix of Labor Day burgers and potato salad. Yum! Speaking of Labor Day weekend, did you see my list of fun Labor Day links? Let’s see… this week I tackled a bunch of school stuff

Thirteen Things I Try To Do When Blogging…

I have been noodling a post in my brain about my goals in blogging. I remember reading someone else’s blog about who they were and what they wanted their blog to be all about. I didn’t save it unfortunately, but it got me thinking. So now with my wheels really spinning, I really wanted to put something into words. Thirteen Things I Try To Do When Blogging… Glorify God! This is something I try to do all the time, in every thing I do. I don’t want to do any less just because I am shielded by anonymity and a