How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Blog or Site

A friend asked me, “How do I create a page for my blog?” I really thought I already had a blog post for that but guess what? I don’t! So here it is. Create a Page for Your Blog or Site in 3 Easy Steps. Step 1: Go to the “Create a Page” page. Click on the option of your choice. If you click on ‘Brand or Product’ you can choose the dropdown option ‘Website.’ If are also a writer, speaker or musician and you are making a page for your site or blog you might prefer to choose ‘Artist,

More About Blogging for School and Writing

Last week I posed a question about blogging for school. At the same time, I mentioned to Hubs that I want our daughter to write more and I showed him Jerah’s blog – confessing as I handed him the laptop that I know that I haven’t made Princess write enough, and that I know Joy encourages her children to write often. But that was kinda the point, ya know? “Look! Look at this! She’s pretty close to [Princess’] age! Here, read it!” “Yeah, that’s pretty impressive,” he said, “if it really is an eleven year old…” (Please forgive him, he’s

Blogging for School?

Raise your hand if your homeschooled child has a blog and you use it as an outlet for their creative writing? I’ve run across a few. Some of them have seriously impressed me, too! I even started a private blog for my ten year old last year, hoping to use it as a place for her to write to an audience- even if that audience was only our immediate family. There’s only one problem.. We never do it. She rarely asks to do it, I rarely make her do it.. between all the regular subjects, assignments, chores, housework, church (and

Spammity Spam!!

Raise your hand if you like spam. Not the meat, the blog kind. What? Nobody?? Me either! Which is why Akismet ROCKS – nothing makes it past Akismet! Indeed nice blog u have here. It’d be just great to read a bit more concerning that matter. Thanx for giving such material. Spam! Can you BE any more vague? Wait, don’t answer that… One again, your article is very nice Really? Do you think I (or Akismet) am going to fall for this? Spammity Spam! Just want to say what a great blog you got here! I’ve been around for quite

Hey, you, don’t just leave your links lying around.

Is it rude to leave links to your blog, or one of your blog posts, in a comment on someone else’s blog post? Some people seem to think so. I’ve noticed some discussion on blogs and Twitter recently where people were being coached to “never-ever-ever” do this because it was rude and inappropriate. Really? I was already pondering how far we’ve come from “the good ole days” of blogging when someone left me a link for something they thought I’d be interested in.. and practically apologized for it. Okay, that’s it. It’s time for an intervention. The Classic Housewife’s List

Brevity, Better Content, and Other Blogging Basics

This post was originally published on April 25, 2008. Considering my blogging resolutions for 2010, it seems a good topic for review. ************ How does your writing style affect your blog’s success? Think about your favorite blogs – what do you love about them? Think about your posts that get the most comments – what do they have in common? What was the intent behind the content? Some of the factors that make a well-written post include: Personality, Balance, Interesting Content, and Visual Flow. I’ll be the first to admit that there’s room for improvement in my writing style. It’s