10 Things I’ve learned about blogging while homeschooling.

This past year has been crazy (but in a totally good way.) One year ago I joined the iHomeschool Network and felt God leading me back into blogging for income. Blogging has now become my job. I’m not getting rich or anything, but hey! I’m paying some bills. That’s really cool and all, but, well, it’s not my only job right? For the past year I’ve also been trying to learn how to work and teach and play and get it all done. I need to blog, and clean, and school, and enjoy my children. How?? Ten Things I’ve Learned

Want to Know How to Blog? Today: iBlog – Everything You Need To Know About Blogging

Do not look away. This post is not just for newbie bloggers, or blogger wannabes. This post is for everyone who is even remotely involved in blogging or social media. This post is for you! How to Blog: The iBlog eBook Today we’re releasing our hugely awesome ebook, “iBlog: Everything You Need To Know About Blogging.”  By “we” I mean myself and the 30 other blogging women that contributed to this 38-chapter, 400+ page, extensive resource for bloggers who want to up their game or just get in it. And we’re not even charging very much for it, it’s only

Top Ten Posts from July, Here at Classic Housewife

Top Ten posts from July! July was a “banner” month for me! I had my highest monthly traffic EVER. Y’all rock. I just wanted to take a little peek at the highlights from July. If y’all like this, maybe I’ll make it a (semi) regular occurrence. Top Ten Posts from July at Classic Housewife: 10 Exciting Traditions for the New School Year How I Use and Customize My Well Planned Day Lesson Planner 2012-2013 Curriculum and Resources Back to (Home) School 2012 ~ Our School, Our Students Back to (Home) School ~ Planning Our Days  5 Ways to Support Your

5 Ways to Support Your Favorite Blogs

Fellow blogger, Kim Sorgius from Not Consumed, is starting something, something good, and she’s inspired me. Did you know that a majority of blogs are abandoned within the first two years? In fact, 60-80% of new blogs are abandoned within the first two months! At least sixty percent of active bloggers have been blogging for more than 2 years but ONLY TWENTY PERCENT for more than six! You know what that makes me? An old geezer in the blogging world. I’ll be honest, it hasn’t be easy every step of the way, either. (There’s a lot that goes into it!)

Can I Have 5 Minutes of Your Time Please?

If you read my blog – at all – ever – even occasionally… would you please do me the favor of taking a (less than) 5 minute survey? I’d like to know more about my readers, and what you like here at Classic Housewife, and also what you don’t like for that matter. If you would be so kind to help, there’s a link for a free printable To Do List pack at the end!! How cool is that? Now, I don’t want you to worry.. there aren’t any big changes coming around here any time soon.. I’m leaving the

Homeschool Social Media Awards ~ Vote!

A new bloggy award “go vote for me!” kind of thing but this time there’s an actual prize at the end… Alpha Omega is giving away curriculum to the winners, which I think is a nice touch, don’t you? That’s right, Alpha Omega Publications, makers of LifePac and Horizons, Switched on Schoolhouse and Monarch, took nominations for ‘the best’ in a series of categories and the top nominees are now listed for voting. Yours truly was nominated and made it as a finalist in the “Thrifty Thinker” category and to be honest, I’m honored… and REALLY surprised! I mean.. I